Prophecy Alert!

Welcome to the blog on current events and possible fulfillment to prophecy in the public revelations contained in Holy Scripture and the private revelations as expressed by common folks, mystics of the church, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Other pages within the Prophecy Alert site include: The Sixth Seal  

Christmas Delayed, Jan 6 Celebration Instead?

Christmas Delayed, Jan 6 Celebration Instead? Analysis of current events and the potential resolution of the 2020 election on Jan 6. What will the response from the left be? Video on Rumble   You can find all my video on the following sites:The Prophecy Tree YouTube channel, Rumble channel,

Trump Near Future News from Land of the Anons – Far Beyond

Sandra from the ProphecyTree has posted a report of Trump Near-Future News from the Land of Anons and Far Beyond. In today's world, speaking in metaphors and parables is about the only way to get out some messages. Readers of the Dr. Seuss series of books may remember the Butter Battle book. For the [...]

Religious Liberty or Tyranny? Faith vs. Fear Ep.2

Sandra, The Prophecy Tree, takes issue with communist agents, BLM, antifa etc.who insist that America's founding was an evil Enterprise. On the contrary she proves that the founding of our nation was a great Act of Faith and actually Divine Providence! Part of God's plan! Religious Liberty or Tyranny? Faith vs. Fear episode 2

Where is America in Prophecy? Where are we going now? – episode 1

Sandra, The Prophecy Tree, discusses the destiny of America in light of prophecies from Fatima, George Washington, and President Trump's speech on July 3, 2020. Where is America in Prophecy? Where are we going now? Keywords: The Great Monarch, Trump, Q, and Far BeyondAmerica Destiny, Fatima, Communism, George Washington Vision, 1777

Unveiling the Apocalypse

One of the hardest books of the Bible to decipher is that last book. But, now that so many prophecies are being fulfilled, you have to ask "Are we in the times of tribulation?" The Fall of Babylon What happened to the Rapture theory that's been purported for so many years? After careful reading of [...]