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As Prophecy Moves Towards Real Time… Join Me On The Prophecy Express

I hope you have been paying attention as the gears on the Clock of Prophecy have ratcheted up a notch. We are closer to reality mirroring prophecy!

In November 2019 I wrote an article entitled, “What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?”

“What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?”

11/7/2019 | Sandra Airey

In the capsule background of the history between Turkey and Greece, I explained the long standing dispute between these two countries and that prophecy insists this dispute shall be revisited and settled in our time. Also I insisted that this would have everything to do with religion and nothing to do with land, oil or the economy.

Furthermore, by virtue of my years of research and interpretation of Catholic prophecies both Roman and Orthodox, is shall be, that it is this dispute that shall pull Russia to start World War 3!  Again this shall be intricately involved with religion; the Orthodox kind!

I remember that one commenter found this idea totally ridiculous! He stated, ” Russia isn’t going to attack Turkey because of the Orthodox religion!”

It is a mistake to believe that prophecy is what we see in the present tense. Rather it is like the steam locomotive far down the tracks. At first you see nothing! Later you begin to see and smell smoke and finally the the locomotive pulls up in front of your eyes! 

So how have the hands on the Clock of Prophecy moved forward since the article written November 2019; as well as my first article, July 2016?

“Could The Time Be Ripe For The Great Monarch? Is He  Here  Among  Us Now?”
(In this article I detail Russia’s attempt to conquer the world and to make it all Orthodox. This is why Putin feels God is on their side.)

As Prophecy Moves Towards Real Time —-

By, CC BY 4.0,
Interesting in the latest turn of events, is Putin’s desire to form a new constitution for Russia! This Constitution will celebrate the importance of the original Russian people, (versus  other ethnicities living in Russia) their culture, their language and their Orthodox religion! God will take front and center stage! Shocked?

Wait! There’s more! The new constitution will also outlaw same-sex marriage and abortion!!

So if Russia starting a World War to conquer the world and set up the Russian culture and Orthodox Church is such a far-fetched impossibility; then Putin is surely wasting an awful lot of time trying to get on the good side of God!

No, my friend! It is just that the locomotive hasn’t pulled into the station, yet! But hold on to your ticket! You may still get to ride on the Prophecy Express!

Image courtesy of @lucas82 via Twenty20

“But hold on to your ticket! You may still get to ride on the Prophecy Express! “
14 March 2020 | Sandra Airey

The other startling development is occurring over in Greece!

Turkey broke the 2016 agreement to not allow any more migration, and last week hordes of Muslim migrants stormed the border of Greece!

Do not be deceived, this Invasion by land had every intention of destabilizing the Greek government and creating chaos. But as Gomer Pyle would say to Sergeant Carter, ” Surprise! Surprise!”

This fierce invasion was met with an equally fierce force of Greek Patriots repelling the migrants! Other European countries are sending Security Forces to help the courageous Greeks!

 We have to look backward to understand where we are on the “Timeline”. Think for a moment how seldom we hear anything about Greece in current times. The last notable time would be during Obama’s second term when there were civil protests as Greece was the first EU country to go bankrupt. But as far as War mongering tensions between Nations, the news is dominated by the names of China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

Yet the article, “What Event Ignites World War 3?” informs us that according to the Orthodox prophecies this event will occur in Greece!

From the article:   

With this background in mind, let us continue with the startling predictions of St. Paisios. He claimed that Turkey would invade Greece! Not Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Russia but Greece!

11/7/2019 | Sandra Airey

The actual event is not a land invasion but an invasion by ship! Yet this land invasion shows us Turkey has not forgotten it’s deepest desire to take all of Greece!

Again we must look backward to appreciate the Greek reaction. Just a few short years ago, prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, Europe’s response to the Muslim invasion of 2015 was to lie down passively, offer no resistance and even welcome them with gifts of teddy bears and flowers!

Enter the Great Monarch, Donald Trump! Whose mission, ordained by God, according to prophecy; is to save Western Christian Civilization and see the world changing, right before your eyes!

France seemed placid and comatosed as their country was being stolen from them. Then by the power of God which moves with the Great Monarch, France awoke! France is now in revolt!

Notre Dame – What Now? Tough Talk and An Eye on Prophecy
04/04/2019 | Sandra Airey

As the article ” Notre Dame – What Now? Tough Talk and An Eye On Prophecy”, suggests; France is on a path to total destruction. It shall never be the same! Written April, 2019, it is proven true for the protests and demonstrations have not only NEVER stopped but have become more and more violent! Lately the police and the fireman were fighting each other. Doctors and nurses have joined in the great revolt! Paris burns almost nightly!

We all have watched these prophecies concerning France and particularly Paris, come into real time, while sitting at home in our living rooms!

So busy with our normal lives we so often fail to see prophecy becoming reality! Stop! Pay attention! So that you might know what time it REALLY is! Remember to sign up for the prophecy alerts. For David Rall and myself, it is our mission and our joy to keep you informed as prophecy moves forward!

The Spirit of God has moved on the Greek people also, again using Donald Trump as His vehicle and catalyst for change! The changes that God is working through Donald Trump.

The Battle of Navarino in 1827 secured Greek independence.

The Greeks are fighting to save their country and that means their right to their Orthodox religion! The part of the Muslim Invasion that is mostly ignored by the politically correct crowd; is that it’s not about economics, not about multiculturalism, it’s about spreading their religion! Don’t ever forget it!

You cannot understand current events or prophecy for that matter if you deny the importance of religion as a root cause of the events.

The Greeks have astounded and inspired the rest of Europe! They’re fighting as if they know what time it REALLY is! They can feel it! Like you can feel the vibrations on the tracks that tell you the train is not far off. They are inspired by the Prophecies of the Orthodox Saints particularly St.Paisios!

They know what’s coming and they also know the victory that has been promised them. 

We have gone from Greece being at peace, not counting internal protests against government policies, to the invasion of Greece by another nation, namely Turkey. Can the invasion by water be that far behind???

Then what does that say about World War 3? Are you ready? Are you close to the Lord Jesus Christ? Maybe you could take a few minutes tonight before going to sleep to talk to the Lord and to ask forgiveness for those things you’re not proud of!

I wrote an article in October 2019, about Joe Biden and what I believed to be was a message from the Holy Spirit concerning his future!


This was not a verbal message, those are always accurate! Visions which contain symbols are much more difficult to interpret. God uses this way when he wants to give you a message but doesn’t exactly want you to know it’s specifics. In the case of Joe Biden, I received a picture with words and that was why I shared it!

Not only do I love prophecy but I love to discuss its significance. I love to discuss its composition, as well as its spiritual effects on both those of the prophet and the hearers.

Consider this, what significance is there if the message shown in the picture (vision) does not occur? It would clearly mean that the message did not come from God! That’s why if it had not contained words I would not have shared it because to analyze a picture can be most difficult and fraught with a high degree of error.

Since the writing of my October article there have been continual changes in the status of Joe Biden and his presidential campaign. First he was leading, then he was falling behind and appeared to be ditched by the Democrat Party, then he was resuscitated not to mention that he is now being criminally investigated by the Ukraine. His deteriorating mental condition, real or faked, make his campaign speeches more like a stand-up comedy routine. Yet, he is still with us!

This reminds me of the time in Hereford Texas, when I heard His “Voice” loud and clear, telling me to go to a rancher and say that “if he gave money to the Church he would make it rain on his dryland corn.” I did so after getting permission from my pastor. We were in the middle of a severe drought and the National Weather Service said there was no rain in sight and if it didn’t rain by Sunday all the corn crops would be ruined!

The first day I was elated! On the second day I began to doubt my own sanity. I was almost hysterical,” Why on earth would I do such a stupid thing? I must be under extreme stress. I’m probably hallucinating. It never rains in West Texas! Now I know why Jonah didn’t want to do it! “You’re not going to make a fool out of me God! No way I’m going into that town and tell them you said this and that and then if you don’t do anything I’m going to be standing there looking like a fool.” I wish I could have found a whale to hide in! It was a horrible day, simply horrible!

Somehow I finally fell asleep that night. The next morning when I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the light, it was still dark. I thought the light bulb had burned out. It hadn’t. I looked up at the window. It was dark because it was very cloudy and raining!!!

If I had not taken that chance, if I had not walked in faith, then the rancher would never have returned to the Catholic Church after having left it in anger 14 years earlier! My pastor wouldn’t have been smiling from ear-to-ear giving a sermon on how he’s always believed that God speaks to His people and to some people He speaks more clearly than others! The rancher’s mother who prayed the rosary every night for 14 years for her son would never have had her prayers answered!

No, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve had many years to think these things through, to ponder and marvel at the same time.

The situation with Joe Biden is like a rollercoaster ride! It certainly is longer than the three days I had to wait in Hereford, Texas. It reminds me of a boxing match. ” He’s down! He’s up! No, he’s down again for the count!” It’s a real nail-biter, and I love the excitement! And no! I do not fear being disappointed. I would only regret it!

For those who have not walked this way, let me clarify my feelings. It’s sort of like the poem by John Magee Jr.”High Flight.

     ” Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;…
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God!”

High Flight
By John Gillespie Magee, Jr.


Another way I might explain my feelings about this situation would be to tell you about Carmelite Spirituality, which is driven by an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God! From my first article, I can tell you that is what it’s about; that is what it’s always been about!

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with God! Hoping that you might catch a glimpse of Him. And if I have been wrong, I will still continue to seek Him; to look up as looking through the tall pines in the forest, watching the moon dart between the branches. I will still try to catch a glimpse of Him knowing that He also desires me to seek Him.

So watch with me won’t you?

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with God!

14 March 2020 | Sandra Airey

The Fall of Babylon

Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul and hateful bird; for all nations have drunk the wine of her impure passion, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich with the wealth of her wantonness.

Rev 18:2-3

Is it any wonder how bad this economic situation will become with China shutting down it’s factories for the last 30 days. The supply chain will be completely disrupted. All nations have grown wealthy with the cheap labor that China provides. China enslaves it’s people to work below minimum wage so they maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Who does not increase their own wealth when they buy from China.

How Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Supply Chain by Mid-March

What You Need to Know About the Supply Chain- Bob Griswold

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.  Render to her as she herself has rendered, and repay her double for her deeds; mix a double draught for her in the cup she mixed.
As she glorified herself and played the wanton, so give her a like measure of torment and mourning. Since in her heart she says, ‘A queen I sit, I am no widow, mourning I shall never see,’ so shall her plagues come in a single day, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she shall be burned with fire; for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. “

Rev 18:4-8

Pestilence and mourning and famine are happening now. The plagues have started for China. They have come in a single day. So swift, so quick, and it is quickly spreading to all nations.

Five MILLION people were able to flee Wuhan before it was put under quarantine and head to neighbouring Chinese provinces

For those that might still be left, the remaining prophecy “she shall be burned with fire ” may happen very soon ” for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. ” Leave now if you possibly can.

And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! thou great city, thou mighty city, Babylon! In one hour has thy judgment come.”

Rev 18:9-10
Coronavirus Could Be The End Of China As A Global Manufacturing Hub

And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her, since no one buys their cargo any more… The merchants of these wares, who gained wealth from her, will stand far off, in fear of her torment, weeping and mourning aloud,

“Alas, alas, for the great city that was clothed in fine linen, in purple and scarlet, bedecked with gold, with jewels, and with pearls! In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste.” And all shipmasters and seafaring men, sailors and all whose trade is on the sea, stood far off and cried out as they saw the smoke of her burning,

Rev 18:11, 15-18

There is a very good reason they will stand far off. If they allow goods in that have the virus, it will spread quickly to their own citizens.

Alas, alas, for the great city where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth! In one hour she has been laid waste.  Rejoice over her, O heaven, O saints and apostles and prophets, for God has given judgment for you against her! And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on earth.

Rev 18:19-20,24
Mass coronavirus outbreaks at China prisons spark concern for imprisoned Christians
Brownback points to Nigeria, China and global spread of religious persecution
Wang Yi, pastor of the Early Rain church, who was arrested and detained three months ago, along with his wife. Photograph: Early Rain/Facebook

The restrictions will get even more stringent as the spread continues.

Medics outside the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, on 1 March. Photograph: David Ryder/Reuters
Coronavirus: Trump weighs new travel limits after sixth death in Washington

The Fourth Seal

When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” And I saw, and behold, a pale horse, and its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him; and they were given power over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

Rev 6:7

The actual number of dead in China is being grossly under reported. The funeral homes and crematoriums are working 24×7 to handle the load. A crematorium worker explained that the funeral homes in Wuhan are struggling to cope with the influx of bodies. ‘Almost all staff at each funeral home in Wuhan are fully equipped, and all Wuhan cremation chambers are working 24 hours,’ he said.

In one facility they reported 116 corpses to be burned and only 8 death certificates listed the Coronavirus as the condition causing death. That’s a stark 1300% more deaths than the number being reported for deaths related to the virus. As of 3/3/2020 there are reported almost 3200 deaths related to Coronovirus. If the same number of under reporting is happening across China, that might indicate there are really 41,600 people who have died since the virus started and reporting began in January.

If this is the “Fall of Bablylon” and the fulfillment of the 4th Seal, expect the following to happen soon:

Locusts swarm from ground vegetation at Lerata village, near Archers Post in Samburu county, approximately 186 miles north of Kenyan capital, Nairobi on January 22, 2020.TONY KARUMBA/AFP/GETTY
  1. Famine caused possibly by the Locusts making their way to China.
  2. She shall be burned with fire.
  3. A great number killed by wild beasts
  4. Expect tsunamis from a ‘great millstone’ (possible comet).
    “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea” Rev 18:21

As the last book of the Bible unfolds it can be very troubling. take comfort in Psalm 23:

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Psalm 23

And if you are inclined to follow the messages from prophets, take comfort in the plan revealed to Father Gobbi who received the following message from heaven in 1980

I am the Virgin of Revelation. In me, the masterpiece of the Father is realized in such a perfect manner, that He can shed on me the light of his predilection. The Word assumes his human nature in my virginal womb, and thus can come to you by means of my true function as Mother. The Holy Spirit draws me, like a magnet, into the depths of the life of love between the Father and the Son, and I become interiorly transformed and so assimilated to Him as to be his Spouse.

Through me, the great plan hidden in the very mystery of God is made manifest.

My Son Jesus is the manifestation of this mystery. In Him alone dwells the fullness of the divinity.

Through Him, all humanity is led back to full communion with the divine nature itself. Only with Him, can the great plan of the Father be accomplished.

Have confidence, beloved sons! In these present times, so dense with darkness and threats, look to your heavenly Mother. I will reveal to your souls the secret of the Word, become flesh in my maternal womb.

I will bring you to the full understanding of Sacred Scripture. Above all, I will read to you the pages of its last book, which you are living. In it, everything is already predicted, even that which must still come to pass. The battle to which I am calling you is clearly described, and my great victory is foretold. For this reason, I repeat: do not fear; have confidence! In my Immaculate Heart, you will experience the joy and the peace that, even today, my risen Son gives to all of you.

To the Priests: Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, message 198 – April 24, 1980

God has a plan and that plan is unfolding in our times.


Originally posted at
Reprinted here by the author, Just a little eagle.

I am a Catholic born in 1947, raised in a family with many devout Catholics, and taught by pre-Vatican II nuns for 12 years. My life has been unusual for more than one reason. I was born the second child to a woman with Rh negative blood and a severe heart defect. I ended up with minimal brain damage ( causing partial seizures affecting awareness ) and connective tissue disease. My mother knowing about the circumstances of my birth was aware that I would have “problems”. I grew up in a period where being disabled was a word used to describe people with twisted limbs, blindness or being born mentally retarded. My illnesses were not obvious and I had to find unorthodox ways to make life work. As I struggled to understand how I was to make it in this life without the ability to earn myself a stable income ( for I understood quite early that I was not capable of doing such ) ; my life was marred, unfortunately, by many grave sins. I was given a deep and devout Catholic faith, which was nurtured by the nuns as well as my mother and grandmother. I mention these things that you might not be misled by anything in this article or construe it to mean something other than an account of some experiences of my life.

The most dominant emotion of my life was an almost persistent feeling of worthlessness and self-contempt, caused by the fact that I viewed my life as one continual failure. I was always a disappointment to those around me and surely to God by virtue of my sins. Yet from time to time there were also experiences that gave me joy. I analyzed the reason for the joy to be a sense that God was with me and had not abandoned me. Therefore the curtain of depression was pushed aside by a ray of Hope. And it was this Hope which has gotten me through to my 69th. year. As if my life were a journey on a dry, hot desert marked by surprise oases of relief; interludes where I could feel and sense God’s presence and know Hope. I was refreshed by the knowledge that I had not failed yet, I had not yet lost the race, I was still on the journey and therefore I could still make it. During those sweetest of times the usual sense of total uselessness and meaninglessness of my life was abated and I was allowed to know that God was real and how awesome his plan was unfolding! That He would let me understand even a piece of this ( however flawed my understanding might be ) convinced me that I was part of His plan and might one day come to possess fully Him for whom I have been hoping. The long period of waiting, the years of hoping will have not been in vain for the object of our hope Is Real and He is drawing us towards Him; each of us. It is the virtue of Hope which keeps us from losing our way. It is the proverbial light at the end of a long dark tunnel, that draws us and encourages us to pass through the darkness.

Ponder for a moment the earliest memory of your life.The age at which one moves from pre-memory to remembering is different for each of us. I first remember being in my mother’s bedroom just slightly taller than the mattress. A man who was a family friend throughout my life, named Tadich, was asking me to tell him a good number to play. ( In the days prior to the state-run lotteries, people played the pari-mutuels. Each day two- three digit numbers won.) “ Come on, tell me a good number to play, come on,” he persisted. I heard a voice outside my ear, privately, for he did not hear it. It said,”Tell him 777. That’s a good number. The Bible says so.” Obediently I repeated,” 777” and continued playing. The next memory I have was of Tadich picking me up, setting me on the kitchen table directly in front of him, holding me with his hands and prodding me again to give him a good number to play. This time I heard the voice say,” He’s greedy. He’s only interested in the money.” Immediately a feeling of aversion and dislike came over me. I turned my head from side-to-side not wanting to look into his face and began to squirm and cry. I wanted him to let me go. I wanted to get away from him.

I heard the Voice a few more times interspersed by years in between. Lastly I heard it in 1981, in my early thirties before deciding to ask my mother about my earliest memory. I did so with some trepidation because I feared what if she doesn’t recall it or have any knowledge of it. I might have wondered if it was simply a childhood illusion. Happily she immediately admitted remembering it. She added much detail I was not aware of. She told me that it happened three times. I told Tadich to play the number 777. Each time he played it and each time he won money on it. I was stunned when she said she never played it,nor did Tadich ever give her any money from the winnings. I filled her in on The Voice that I heard that told me what to say. My parents were poor. I asked her,” Why didn’t you play the number?” She explained that black people liked to play that number but it didn’t come out often maybe once a year and maybe not for two years so I guess my mom was playing the odds. If it had just come out, it was highly improbable that it would come out again for a long time and no frugal poor person would waste money betting on a dead horse. However, it came in three times within a period of weeks. I then asked her if she remembered how old I was when this occurred. She said very matter-of-factly, “ Yes, you were two years old”! I was shocked, I explained to my mother it’s not possible for a two year old to understand a three digit number at that age you’re just trying to teach them how to say one- two- three- four-etc. I couldn’t even know what the Bible was. My mother became upset; she kept adamantly stating I was two. Then she got very hurt saying, “Well, I guess you just won’t believe your own mother”. I needed that to know, without a doubt, my age at the time this occurred. No wonder she didn’t spend any money playing that number. Who would listen to baby babble?

Every so often I would think about this earliest event in my life. I know it is the reason that I have always had an intense interest in Prophecy. But I always wondered why The Voice chose to speak of such a topic to a two-year-old; an obvious reference to the Book of Revelations and the end times? No, I will never have the answer until if by God’s grace I shall be with him in heaven; my best guess has always been that He wanted me to be very aware of the things in the Book of Revelations because I might be living through and seeing at least some of these events take place.

I have extensively studied prophecy and experienced every phenomenon that produces supposedly prophetic words. Scripture says to “test the spirit”, it also tells us that there are “but two spirits the true and the false”. How else can one hope to differentiate between the two unless one has experienced both? Visit a third world country and when you come home to America you shall have much more respect for the greatness of the country in which we live and so too it was with me. Everything I experienced from “the other side” made me realize how blessed I was to be a Catholic, for if the Holy Spirit is not with His Church then where is He?

In 1978, I was living in Hereford Texas. We had just elected our new Pope, John Paul I. I wanted to see if the choice our cardinals had made was faithful to the Prophecies of St. Malachy. Yes, that’s right! I did not want to see if St.Malachy’s prophecies were accurate but rather had we remained faithful to the prophecies. I can only say I have never doubted the prophecies are from God. I am well aware of all of the criticisms about them being done by different persons over different times but the Spirit in me has never allowed the slightest doubt that they are authentic. No matter who or how many who’s wrote them or how they came to be given to the church they contain an opportunity to see a part of God’s plan.

Since I was deep in the Bible Belt I had to have a copy of the prophecies sent from Dallas. When they arrived I went to the local McDonald’s to sit and study them. The new pope had been in office about 3 weeks at this time. The only fact that I could examine was the statement in Saint Malachy’s prophecies,”De Medietate Lunae” which was supposed to refer to JP1. But did it? Were we truly in the correct chronological order, down to our last 4 popes as according to these prophecies? The name John Paul did not seem to have any connection to the Latin phrase. So I went to his original name Albino Luciani. I knew enough Latin to know that albino means white but I needed a more detailed definition. I “felt” that the name Albino had a very specific meaning but I would need a first-generation Italian who spoke fluent Italian to give me the information I needed. ( Google did not yet exist! ) St. Theresa of Lisieux said,” There are no coincidences, there is only God”. As I entered the McDonald’s I noticed the manager’s name was Paolo not Pablo. You can learn a lot from a name. God was there in his Providence blessing my search. He loves when we seek him because He loves to be found and discovered. Paolo said he indeed was born in Italy, in Venice, and yes, the name Albino did have a specific meaning. The root was Latin but It was an old Roman name. It referred to the light at a particular time of the day. It was the light seen as the sun begins to rise immediately after night. The early light that is somewhat rosy in color and lasts only for short time. “Luciani “ meant “small light,” he said. Immediately as he said this I was filled with joy. I exclaimed, “That’s it! I see it now! These two Popes are connected. This Pope JP1 will not be pope a long time but the one that comes after him will pick up where he left off and continue for a long time. These two are connected. See the one statement is “De Medietate Lunae”,the next Pope is “De Labore Solis”,the labor of the sun. When someone puts in a hard long day, they say I have worked from sun up to sundown. The next one will be here a long time but not this one, Paolo.”

Little more than a week later JP1 died! ( I had no knowledge that his papacy would be so short after all a papacy of a year or two would certainly be considered short.) Paolo was extremely upset almost hysterical when I saw him the next time. He said, “I kept telling my wife that lady told me that. That lady she told me that and it came from that book.” I understood then why it was necessary for Paolo to be involved. Paolo, the good altar boy from Venice, was a lapsed Catholic. God wanted him involved because God had something to say to him heart to heart.

I was filled with wonder and great excitement as I waited for the new pope to be chosen. The “great light” that would follow the “small light”, brief but beautiful! What a surprise to find out the great light was Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. I saw immediately that what I had been allowed to see in the Prophecies of Saint Malachy was true; about the connection of the two popes.( as the “great light” chose the name John Paul II) I would see this more and more as the years would pass and we had JP2 for such a long time but his election fulfilled another Pope prophecy. One that was given to the Polish people centuries ago and carried by the immigrants to America and shared with their children. When I was 21, in 1968, my mother told me that a cardinal was coming from Poland to speak in St. Ladislaus Church in Hamtramck. She said, “Why don’t you go with your aunt Clara to see him”? When I asked why I should go she said, cryptically, “Because they say he is the one, the one who is going to be Pope”. Ten years later, in Hereford Texas as I watched the announcement on TV of the new pope I was stunned for it was the Cardinal my mother had told me to go see. On TV they said the world was shocked that a Polish cardinal had been chosen Pope but the Polish people knew it and believed in the prophecy for centuries. And when the man who was to fulfill the prophecy came on the scene, he was recognized by his own people before he ever attained the title Pope. Their hope was rewarded for it was JP2 who by the sheer force of his charisma freed his people from the shackles of communist rule.

I was not saddened by the death of JP1 because from St . Malachy I understood that he was the lead-in for something or someone greater who was to come. After realizing that the next Pope was the fulfillment of a centuries-old prophecy ,I understood that JP1 ‘s mission was simply to be a herald for the one who was to come after him not unlike the mission of St. John the Baptist who was to prepare the way for our Lord. He was the preface to a great masterpiece, a pope who would attain such sanctity during his papacy that the crowds would shout “Santo! Santo!” during his funeral procession.

Being able to know these things before they came to pass was a source of great consolation in the face of difficulties and hope when things seemed most bleak and hopeless. It gave me an intimate sense of the presence of God and his Providence. It reminded me of walking in the forest at night, looking up and seeing the moon, only to have it disappear behind some thicker treetops, walking a little further it would suddenly appear again as if it were playing peek-a-boo. I wondered to the moon are you following us or are we following you?

You, who are ever close yet ever far.

Our finite human lives are being lived on a vast sea which is God’s plan being played out over centuries and centuries. Without the gift of Prophecy we might become lost as the sailors of old without the stars and feel a sense of aimlessness. Where is all this we’re involved in,where is it heading? What’s its purpose? We might feel our boat is just floating on the sea; wondering if we were ever going to reach a destination. Yes, we have the Book of Revelations to give us the general plan, but for specific times in history and specific crises we need the sustaining hope that the Holy Spirit gives through His Gift of Prophecy.

1 Corinthians 12:8 tells us that “to one the Spirit gives the word of wisdom to another the gift of knowledge”. To me this means that the prophet is not always the same as the one who understands the prophecy.

Consider a group of archaeological experts in the field of lost treasure; men of letters who gathered together for the purpose of determining the validity of an old treasure map. After much serious discourse, they declared the map to be a fraud and tossed it into the trash bin. The janitor who had heard the previous discussion retrieved the map; by instinct or by inspiration he turned the map around, which to the wise men would have seemed upside-down and after some study was able to easily find the treasure.

In effect, I did the same thing with the Saint Malachy Prophecies. I worked backwards and was blessed to be able to discover for myself a treasure trove of signs/symbols telling a narrative of connection between Jp1 and JP2. One could say this has nothing to do with the future for all concerning these two popes is now past history. However, there is still one point that has tremendous significance for the future. Some critics of the Saint Malachy Prophecies (SMP) claim they are worthless because they are not consecutive. I strongly disagree. I proffer as evidence the fact that “De Medietate Lunae “ and “De Labore Solis” follow one another in the prophecies as they did in real life. ( In the Polish prophecy the Polish Pope was called the “great light” ; Luciani translates to “small light”) The juxtaposition of these two prophecies show them to be consecutive and this gives us a reliable prophetic timeline. ( The seers of Garabandal made contradictory statements about the number of popes remaining.)

This brings us to the topic of Pope Francis and Mother Angelica of EWTN fame. Back in the mid-nineties I used to listen to “Mother Angelica Live” on the radio. One day she made a statement concerning the pope. She made a comment about being concerned about the Pope and she corrected herself,”Oh, no I don’t mean this pope. I’m talking about the next Pope. He’s the one I’m worried about. I don’t know what’s going to happen to us then.” John Paul II was currently the pontiff when she made this statement. I know that EWTN enterprise has records of all of her statements on computer. They might want to delete that statement due to possible embarrassment but Mother Angelica never pulled any punches. How can the jury disregard what they have heard even though the judge directs them? I looked upon her words as a prophecy as I have the highest confidence in the Spirit which enlivened her.

“The Christian vocation is simple: you are first a child of God, and the state of life where God has placed you is the source of your holiness.”

Mother Angelica

In the early years of 2000, I was again studying prophecy and pondering about the Pope that Mother Angelica was so worried about. Who would this “bad” Pope be? Suddenly I saw appear above my head the detailed portraits of two popes. One was John Paul II, the current pope. The other was a man I had never seen before in the vestments of a pontiff. I studied his face as I believe I was being shown the Pope I was wondering about; the “next Pope”. I made every attempt to memorize his face before the vision would end. I noted one very dramatic physical characteristic of his face, for myself as well as to be able to describe him to my husband since I had no other way to “show him” what I had been shown.

I told my husband the next Pope would have these deep lines on either side of his chin almost reminding me of a wooden mannequin with carved movable features. In fact I said to him it reminds me of Howdy Doody.( A wooden dummy whose lower lip and chin moved on strings in a popular kids show of the 1950’s) A couple of years after this, John Paul II passed away. We had no television so the next morning after the new pope was elected my husband showed me his picture on the front page of USA Today.

I was confused because this was NOT the man I had been shown an image of and I distinctly felt I was being shown the next Pope; or as I referred to him when speaking to my husband, the “bad” Pope.( Please, understand I do not mean this in any moral way. I mean it in a simplistic way that you either like or dislike people on for instance, Facebook. If you like something, it’s good if you dislike something, it’s bad.)

So the “glory of the olive”, the next to be Pope according to St. Malachy’s Prophecies turned out to be Benedict XVI, who had a very sweet face and he was certainly a beautiful Pope in every sense of the word. Several years later I heard two different times on the secular radio news that he was being asked to resign due to illness and that he had answered he would not resign. So the announcement on February 11th. 2013 that Benedict XVI was going to resign was quite a shock to me. It seemed like a turnabout. Of course everything presented to the public stressed the precedence and orthodoxy for this action. So we moved forward to the election of the new pope. When I heard it announced on the radio that he had been chosen, I ran to the auditorium to await with the rest of the world our first glimpse of the new pope. As the curtains parted and Francis 1st. stepped out onto the veranda overlooking St. Peter’s Square, I gasped! The rest of the world may have been seeing Francis for the first time but this was not my first time. He was the man I had seen years earlier when I thought I was seeing the next pope, the “worrisome one”. I called my husband who had stopped his shopping and was watching the coverage on a television set in Walmart. I said,” It’s him, William. It’s him! Do you see the deep lines running from his lower lip on either side down to his chin, like the Howdy Doody mannequin?” When William acknowledged he could see this unusual facial characteristic I had described to him many years before; I said, “Well then, hold on ‘cause here we go!” In our younger years we used to love to ride the roller coasters at amusement parks and as the coaster chugged to the top of the incline and began to turn to make its descent, William would holler,”Hold on! Here we goooo!” and it certainly has been a wild ride ever since with Pope Francis.

Within a week Francis had made some public statements. They were pro-communist in nature. My father was ideologically Socialist/Communist and every month the newspaper Pravda was delivered to our home. We would have frequent disagreements at the dinner table as I was growing up over our political differences. I asked my husband what he thought about the Pope’s statement. He said, holding my arms,” For you and me, our pope is Benedict XVI.” he reminded me that we did not have to be concerned about his personal beliefs but only needed to follow him in faith and morals.

But the situation continued to deteriorate. It appears the impression I recorded when first being shown his portrait, the impression of his mouth being like Howdy Doody’s, with strings attached to make it move as the ventriloquist talked; was more accurate than I could even believe myself!

Every time Pope Francis opened his mouth his words were in complete agreement with the agenda of the New World Order(NWO)

[ For those who have not been keeping up or paying attention: the NWO is the system of global control that is responsible for the way things are being run in the world today. It is a group of global elites who by agreement have put in place an agenda which is for the benefit only of a small minority, themselves! If you are a patriotic American and have been wondering for the last 40,20,or even 10 years, what is wrong with my country? The answer is the New World Order. It depends on when you “wake up”, when you “snap out of it”, or when you have an epiphany as to when you become concerned. It happens when you finally realize the news you’re getting is not the truth. Facts are left out so as to make you see and think a certain way about a subject; actually this is called propaganda and brainwashing. Simply put we are inundated with lies, saturated from every TV network. It isn’t the media anymore, it’s corporate media. The people who own these networks are part of the global elites. They then tell the network what they can and can’t say on their so-called news programs. You may be familiar with the term liberalism. A political science professor said liberalism is the American word for socialism. They’re also called progressives because when they attain one objective, they immediately start moving on to the next. Our children have been indoctrinated for several generations now and our universities are cesspools of socialist/communist ideas. The organizations and adherents that propagate and instill these globalist policies into every level of our society, we refer to as the Left. Globalism is the modern word for communism. The globalist agenda is against individual freedom. Its actions and policies are designed to take the wealth from the general population of the nations and put it into the hands of the elites for with money comes power and with power comes control. The desired end goal is a totalitarian world government with the elites calling all the shots.

In short, some of the policies which advance their agenda are: individual gun ownership is bad ( Guns are only good for security for the elites or for military forces that are controlled by the UN or EU. Our Navy has a new logo, it says a “Global Force”. I thought our Navy was our Navy.) National borders are bad, sovereign nation-states are bad, a strong middle class is bad ( everyone must be brought down to the same level. It’s not fair if you have something your neighbor doesn’t even if you worked for it. Having a secure lifestyle and making good money makes a strong populace which can stand up against an oppressive government. Poor people are lucky to put food in their mouth so they shut up and put up.) Refugees and immigrants are good.( even if they are illegal, violent or terrorists, even if it cost us over a billion dollars a year to try to support these people and they create all kinds of social problems and chaos; if you dare complain then you are bad.) You get the general idea. All of these ideas are being propagated throughout the media, our schools, etc. and always presented as if they are good so that if you are a Christian you should feel ashamed if you don’t totally support these ideas. They will bring justice, fairness and peace to the world. EXCEPT for the fact that these ideas are veiled lies and hypocrisy, because the Left doesn’t reveal their true intentions and objective. Those who spend about 30 minutes a day getting their news from corporate controlled media( that’s your major networks on television) never get a chance to figure that out. The lies they spin keep us living in a fantasy world, after all haven’t you noticed how great the economy is? Well, they tell us that everyday but if you’re busy working and raising a family you don’t have time to do as much critical thinking. Do you ever think if the economy is so great why do you get almost no interest on your savings, why are so many Americans out of work, why are so many stores going out of business, etc.? Not only is the right to gun ownership hanging by a thread but our right to free speech has all but vanished. That’s what “political correctness” is. It’s one of the left’s most virulant weapons. It’s what makes it so difficult to overcome the lies and to bring the truth to light. That’s why it is so important for you to look for alternative news sources especially found online; but hurry because the government is working hard trying to plug that loophole so there will be only one news source. It will all be the same news, exactly what the government wants you to know and nothing more. ]

So Pope Francis turned out to be a mouthpiece and puppet of the New World Order. As for the orthodoxy of his theology I am not qualified to comment. I leave that for those who are. For for my husband and myself this was the most painful cut of all. We had long since accepted the liberalism of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We all often joke, “They must have all voted for Obama and they’re probably ready to go vote for Hillary.” No surprise, when a about two years ago they came out with a statement that Christians should not own guns. No surprise, when Laura Ingraham, devout Catholic and noted conservative radio talk host, found herself at odds with a bishop in a certain state. He refused to appear with her on a pro-life venue. Apparently there was no money in the pro-life advocacy but he did not want to be associated with Miss Ingraham who’s a known advocate of closed borders and decreased immigration. After all the Catholic Conference of Bishops receives over 65 million dollars a year from the government for helping to place refugees and illegals.

On June 21st 2016, the federal government went against three churches who were suing the state of California because of the healthcare mandate that forced them to pay for abortions. The three churches were not Catholic churches. Other than the famous suit by the Little Sisters of the Poor and an attempted suit by Mother Angelica’s group( which I do not know the disposition of ) it seems that the Catholic church has been taking a backseat to any push back against the government’s encroachment of our right to Religious Freedom. It seems that the Catholic Church, at least the USCCB, is working more and more in concert with the federal government.

So when Pope Francis began speaking like a political surrogate of the Left we were both affirmed that indeed this was the “bad” or “worrisome” Pope. I wonder what happened to we are supposed to be “in the world but not of the world” ? I thought Catholic priests were supposed to stay out of politics but our Pope is up to his neck in politicking; like his comment that “Christians should not build walls.” Can anyone tell me what catechism that comes from? As a true leftist he continues to call for open borders demanding that Europe let in more and more refugees; under the guise of charity. The news coming over the internet from Europe is most alarming; violent rapes of women and children, crimes of beheading, Catholics not being allowed to practice their faith, crosses being removed, etc. Breitbart carried a story in mid-june that Catholics were told they had to pray silently so as not to disturb the Muslims.The social chaos is equaled only by the economic chaos as these countries strain their budgets to support the massive numbers of “freeloaders”, since they come expecting to be taken care of and if they do not get enough, they go on a rampage and riot!

Mother Angelica gave a teaching on false charity which was made into a short advertisement for the reruns of her program as recently as last year. To paraphrase it, she tells about a man who gave his entire check to a homeless person then went home and had no money to take care of his own family. This she says is not a virtue. This is the same way I was taught about true charity from the nuns back in grade school in the 1950’s. I don’t know what brand of Catholicism Pope Francis adheres to but as for me I’m sticking with the same brand that Mother Angelica taught.

So where does Pope Francis fit into St. Malachy’s prophecies? After John Paul II, according to St. Malachy there were to be only two more popes. Anywhere you check on the internet you’ll find Pope Francis referred to as the “Last Pope” according to St. Malachy. There is no shortage of links to articles and books proclaiming this fact. I strongly disagree. ( Please understand as I reiterate that this essay contains the personal experience of prophecy and hope in my own lifetime. I proffer it to the reader with a full expectation that you will come to your own conclusions regarding these topics; even as I share with you my conclusions and give an explanation of the reasons for them. ) Mother Angelica was very devoted to Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi. She espoused belief in the Franciscan Tradition that after Christ arose He first visited his dear Mother Mary, though the Bible does not record this. I believe that she got the idea of a “worrisome pope” from the prophecy of St Francis, who told us there would be a pope that was not canonically elected and that he would be a “destroyer and not a pastor” and would lead many into error because they would go along with him instead of opposing him. But Mother’s mention of the word “next” is what is most interesting. It shows she must also have been familiar with St. Malachy’s prophecies. If there were only two more popes after JP II and the last one is a “good” one then the “bad” one foretold by St. Francis must be the next Pope. I also believe that this pope’s choice of the name Francis is another sign on the treasure map. Many wise men ignored it for they could not make it “fit into” the Saint Malachy Prophecies. Like the janitor, I took it up, turned it over in my mind and found it led to valuable treasure. The choice of the name Francis is a flashing neon arrow pointing to the prophecy of St. Francis for this Pope is NOT included in Malachy’s prophecies.

You cannot have two different birth certificates and claim they are both true. You cannot have two different Social Security numbers and claim they are both valid at the same time. As Catholics we pray for both our popes, Francis and Benedict but my husband and I stand faithfully with Pope Benedict XVI in Exile.

Anyone who has more than a casual awareness of the situation in Europe and currently in our United States, knows how bleak and gloomy the outlook. Our politicians have not been listening to the people for a long time and the people are starting to wake up to this fact and in desperation don’t know what to do or where to turn.

My husband asked me at the start of this essay,” Why are you writing this?” I answered him by telling him about a bumper sticker I saw on a man’s SUV when we were going to church two weeks ago. He had a Catholic sticker in one corner and on the other corner there was a bumper sticker that said,”Where is John Galt?” I had never spoken to this man before but as he got out of his SUV I said, pointing,” I like your bumper sticker,” he chuckled. ( John Galt is a fictional character in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”) I knew immediately that this man was a patriot, someone who loves his country very much. At the same time I knew he was very, very concerned about it since John Galt was the counterpoint to an oppressive bureaucracy in a collectivist social order that crushed the individual. Then I said to this man, “He is here! His name is Trump! “ he chuckled, never looking at me, then thought for a moment or two and said, “You might be right!” As he walked towards the church door he turned to me and said,”I hope you are right! ”

After Mass, I said, “That, my dear husband, is the reason I am writing this; for people like this man.” Obviously there was no time to talk to the man further as we rushed to church while the bells were ringing. Had there been; I would have loved to say to him,”Sir.there MAYBE more reason to hope than you know!”

In January 2016,I was meditating about the serious condition in Europe due to the massive invasion of refugees since September 2015. The previous two years was bad enough with the unmitigated bloodbath of Christians throughout the Middle East with nothing being said or done by the world to stop it! And now this! It seemed like Europe was on fire. I was very concerned watching Western Christian Civilization being put in dire straits. The culture and ethnic groups of several of the Nations seemed to be on a track towards extinction.Was this what our Lady of Fatima meant when she said, “Many nations will be annihilated?” After all, the country is the land but the nation is the people. Their Christian religion was being suppressed by the Muslims. The gang rapes by the lawless invaders were met with indifference or worse by an equally lawless government. I prayed, “God where is this going? When or how is this going to end? Things have gone from bad to worse.” So again I turned to prophecy to receive hope and clarity, specifically the prophecies of the Great Monarch. I have studied them many times during my life but never, never before have they made so much sense. They read more like a current newspaper article than a prophecy. Suddenly, I gasped for I felt God’s presence pulling back the veil and letting me see a part of His plan. Yes, if these prophecies were so clear at this time then surely this must be the time when the Great Monarch should be arriving on the scene. I felt a great joy filling my heart. To me it was affirming, the same as if I would be hearing the words”Yes, he was here! He has arrived!” In delirious wonderment, I asked,”God, who is he? Who is this man?” Into my mind burst the name,”TRUMP”. I was more than just a little shocked! My husband and I supported him and indeed I even did some work for his campaign. But we have been involved in Patriot movements since back in the early nineties. We have been active in trying to get conservative politicians elected only to be disappointed year after year until we slowly came to understand along with other patriots that the Republicans and Democrats had formed a Uniparty. If you trace the money you’ll see that those who donate millions to the Democrats are the same names that donate millions to the Republicans. This is why the agenda always stays the same: leave the borders open, letting tens of thousands of illegals come in; make trade deals with foreign nations, emptying us of our jobs; increasing taxes and regulations, oppressing the lower and middle classes, etc. The ruling political class showing no compassion about those they are there to serve and protect. They serve only the interests of their rich donor “buddies” who in turn serve the interests of their International rich ”buddies”. So much better for them to have cheap immigrant labor or to send the jobs overseas. Their profit line increases tremendously however the men and women of America cannot find good jobs so that they can have families and keep a roof over their heads but these men care nothing about the average person.

I don’t mix religion with my politics except in the way that my faith is a part of me and therefore affects all of my life. Naturally, we see it as our duty to do what we can to help the average Americans. We see Donald Trump as a great potential to help the lower and middle classes in America. Charles Evers, brother of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers, is one of those Americans who also sees Donald Trump as a potential help for the people in Mississippi. He complained that “We catch the catfish here but have to send them to China where they’re processed, then they send them back to us and we buy them. We need a processing plant here; our men are walking the streets with no jobs getting into crime and drugs.” ( that means no families, broken families, increased abortion,etc.) We cannot support those who are connected to or part of the globalist corporate oligarchy.

So we supported Trump for president based on the fact that he was not bought by any of the globalist money and seemed to have a real desire to help people. We believe him when he says,” I have had a wonderful life and now it’s time to give back to my country.” I never ascribed any other meaning to his candidacy until in January. I was in such grief and shock over the situation in Europe and the continuing blood bath of Christians in the Middle East that I began meditating, praying and studying prophecy when I experienced the veil being pulled aside and I was able to “see” what I would never have been able to see otherwise. Never would such a seemingly preposterous conclusion have dawned on me even if I had sat for hours trying to fabricate a name to fit the scenario.

I acknowledge with gratitude the work done by Yves DuPont in his book “The Coming Chastisement” published 1971. He clearly stated that there was a coming invasion of Western Europe by the Arabs; he was forty years ahead of time. The Invasion of Europe occurred September 2015, within 2 to 3 weeks before the fourth blood moon.

[ The Four Blood Moons – a significant prophetic sign since within a week or two each was punctuated by a significant world event involving Arabs/ Muslims and affecting world stability. ] Hungarian Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Riga was vocal in his criticism of Pope Francis and called the refugees streaming in by floods, an “Invasion of Europe”. By the time of the fourth blood moon the horror stories had begun to surface, no not on the controlled mainstream media (MSM) whose job is to make sure you DON’T know the truth but on alternative media such as the internet. The stories came complete with videos and pictures. Mr. Dupont also stated that at the time of this invasion with chaos growing in Europe the West would be rallying around an “unexpected leader.”

Now I began looking again at the Monarch Prophecies,placing them side-by-side in my mind. It is always good as time passes to be able to look at them with “new eyes.”

St . Bridget of Sweden is one of the four patron saints of Europe. When the invasion occurred, two of the worst-hit countries were Sweden and Germany.( There are videos on YouTube titled “The Death of Sweden” due to the immediate danger of dissolution of their ethnic group.) I believe if anything bad were to happen in Sweden’s future or Europe’s; St.Bridget would be given a “heads up”

She identifies the Great Monarch as “A son of man, the parnevu of the sea.” She was writing in the 1350’s before Columbus had set sail. I believe she’s telling us about a man who comes from the “new land” over the sea, America, which she would not yet have heard about. Yet she claims that he is a German Royal born in exile.

( Did they call them immigrants in the 14th century? Trump’s grandfather came from Germany.) Royal blood? Who’s to say not?

Most of the prophecies claim that he is either French, German, or Spanish origin. Why is it the prophecies of even great Saints/ Mystics do not agree on the details? One fault that many interpreters of prophecy commit is to get bogged down in the particulars so much so that they are unable to see the forest for the trees .We tend to forget the short prophecy is a telescopic view of the entire life biography of a person; all parts may not be evident at the time this person becomes known to us in general.

[ Who could say they would have recognized our Lord and Savior had they passed by the stable that day seeing the humble Virgin and child. Had you been a neighbor of Mary in Nazareth would you ever have guessed the destiny of the young boy as he worked alongside Joseph in the carpentry shop? Would you have been aware of his genealogy as we are now so easily by opening the Scriptures? ]

I believe more important is what the prophecies tell us about the time in which we may expect the Great Monarch (GM) to appear and what he is supposed to do. We should not be obsessing over the details of his nationality, religion, etc. We should be debating whom among us is capable of doing these things?

Let’s see how the prophecies of the Great Monarch would fit Donald Trump. The main mission of the GM is to destroy the rule of Moslemism and root out heretics and false doctrines.

“ Heretics? We don’t have Heretics these days”?

“ Well actually we do, you hear about them everyday. They preach false teachings about God; such as God wants them to kill all who don’t believe as they do, women may be raped, rape of children is permitted by God, homosexuals should be thrown from roofs, declaring Jihad on innocent people, killing and bombing them will bring you a blessing from God etc.”

Now the Great Monarch is someone who will have a worldwide effect so he needs to be very visible and widely known. Let’s put on our collective thinking caps and see if we can come up with the name of someone at this point in history who is known throughout the world and who has been very vocal against extreme radical Islam. I don’t know about you but I can only think of ONE person who has been speaking out bravely and courageously against extreme Islam, Donald Trump! Since June of 2015 when he began his campaign he shook the world as well as sent a seismic tremor through the media by announcing that he wanted to stop Muslims from coming into our country, complaining about the Muslim invasion of Europe shortly thereafter and denouncing acts of Muslim extremist violence after fearlessly and correctly identifying them as such.

The Great Monarch would definitely need to be a leader, that is someone that people would follow if he were to have worldwide influence. We can see by the size of his rallies proof of a tremendous influence. It wasn’t long before we saw proof of his worldwide influence as other world leaders began to adopt his words and policies. One such world leader is Hungary’s Viktor Orban who chose a Trump-like action to save his country from the Muslim invasion. In February 2016 he built a wall around Hungary. No one in Europe has talked about building a wall since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Orban followed Trump’s lead.

Donald Trump’s voice became a beacon to help guide the other nations’ ships lest they become wrecked on the rocks of globalism, multiculturalism and political correctness. As Trump continued to speak about “love of one’s own nation first”; the Brexit Vote in England began tipping until suddenly it soared in favor of leaving the European Union.

I am voting for Donald Trump for president but I have voted Republican since Reagan’s time and never made the claim of such possibilities for anyone before.

Is this an attempt to win votes for Donald Trump? Well, actually it may win some but also may lose him some votes. Some people may be turned off by the thought that he could be some kind of Great Monarch.( president /civil leader) with religious implications.

I held off sharing my opinions publicly because my husband felt that it may increase the danger of assassination for Mr.Trump, because there would be those who would be looking for the rise of the Monarch figure with more than tepid apprehension. However I wanted to share the hopeful expectations I felt and to invite others to ponder these things with me and adopt a watchful attitude.

Scanning the Prophecies of the Great Monarch I cannot help but pick up on the fact that this person would over time develop a sense of destiny. From all that I have read and listened to of Donald Trump’s own words, I believe he fits this description. In 2012 he began a run for the Republican nomination, though popular he shortly backed out graciously handing over his position to George Romney,with his endorsement. It seems he was happy to return to his own life thinking he had left his country in good hands, only to watch in horror as Romney “choked” and handed the election to Barack Obama. Mr. Trump often implies that Romney threw the election; something my husband and I have believed for four years. We watched the first presidential debate between Romney and Obama. Romney was a lion, he chewed Obama up and spit him out in little pieces. The next two debates, he became a timid pussy cat. If you’re going to take a dive, you should not make it so obvious.

Surely you’ve heard of fixed horse races and boxing matches? The money involved in those sports doesn’t even light a candle to the monies and power involved in politics. Why even think that our political system is above such practices? The globalists select whom they prefer “to work with”. The Uniparty goes along, after all they pay large sums of money through donors to those who “play ball”with them and subscribe to their agenda.

I see Donald Trump being very shocked to have this done by someone he thought of as a trusted friend. I believe that he truly loves his country as well as his family and facing his final years realized he had built an Empire and comforted by the thought of leaving it to his loved ones became at the same time extremely disturbed at the deplorable conditions in his country ( i.e. massive unemployment, destruction of the middle class, massive debt, racial tensions on the rise, a media which is complicit in feeding false narratives to the people etc. ) It dawned on him as he thought about who could correct this situation and realized there was no one in this entire country who would do it except him, for they were all bought and paid for by the Establishment and no longer served the people of America but rather the Masters who owned them. Many of the GM prophecies tell us the Great Monarch in his early life is a great sinner but then in his later years becomes saintly. This means that he undergoes a conversion experience, the first step of which is to stop living for yourself and begin to serve others. Donald Trump has remarked repeatedly that he does not need to do this that he has had a great life in America and he feels it is time to “pay back” and do something for the country that has been so good to him. Certainly if you even have a slight awareness of what he has undergone in the year that he has been campaigning you would have to agree that his life would be much easier and much happier if he were to give up this endeavor not to mention the constant danger of assassination and the many threats to which he and his family have been exposed. I have no doubt that the longer he has been involved in this struggle the more committed he has become to helping America even as the forces of Hell have been unleashed on him. The American Left supported by George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, the Democrats, as well as the Republican Party have declared all-out war on Mr. Trump, yet he has never blinked.

If you have been following the news closely you would be quite aware that Mr.Trump has had great difficulty to pick a vice presidential running mate. Not only is this because many of the Republicans have refused to run with him; it is also because there are so few D.C. politicians that can be trusted to not be in the pocket of the globalists. It reminds one of Abraham, in the Bible, pleading with God to save the City of Sodom if he could find but 10 righteous men in that city. Many of the Republicans wear a mask to hide the fact they are owned by the elitist establishment but during Trump’s campaign many of the masks have been pulled off of these politicians. They have been exposed for who and what they are, such as the House Speaker Paul Ryan, allowing more Americans to understand why their country is in the condition it is and why Congress has not been opposing policies that are harmful to America such as uncontrolled immigration, open borders and the TPP Trade Agreement. So looking for a running mate that Mr.Trump can trust is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Concerning some of the details of the prophecies, such as the fact that the Great Monarch will be a Catholic, walk with a limp, etc. I have already noted that we should not get stuck on these particulars. For instance, St.Bridget tells us he will be a Catholic.

She wrote her prophecy in the 1380’s, a time at which there were no Protestants. If you were a Christian, you were a Catholic. Besides we Catholics always say that every Protestant is just a Catholic who hasn’t finished “The Journey”. Mr. Trump received a medical deferment which kept him from serving in the military. The deferment was for problems with his feet. He has said recently he only recalls that it was “one foot” that bothered him.

I also find it intriguing that two Evangelical ministers have come out publicly on YouTube back in April stating that they believed the “hand of God” was upon Donald Trump.

It would not be fair if I did not mention there are other Christians who have another totally different idea of who the Great Monarch is and believe that he is indeed in our presence. This too is intriguing for I do not take the inspirations of devout Christians lightly. The Russian Orthodox Church believes that the Great Monarch could possibly be none other than Vladimir Putin. They say he is Catholic but actually he’s no more Catholic than Donald Trump. The Orthodox Church is not under the Pope in Rome; close but no cigar. He does have a limp which causes him to mount his horse from the left which fits one of the prophecies to a “T”. Interesting in all of this is that Donald Trump has been very vocal about not treating Russia as an enemy and in fact has made the statement more than once that maybe one day we will be able to do “something together” with Russia. (Perhaps alluding to fighting ISIS?)

However there is just one great obstacle to the Great Monarch being from Russia whether it be Putin or a subsequent leader;that obstacle is the Prophecies of Fatima. There are no prophecies more important or authentic than these for the Catholic Church for they come from the Mother of God herself. They were given to us in 1917 and basically say that until “Russia shall become converted she shall spread her errors throughout the world”. One of the seers of Fatima, Sister Lucia, reiterated this in 1990 after the fall of the visible communist empire in Europe. She stated that Russia was going to be “the scourge of the world” until she becomes converted. Apparently we can take this to mean that as of 1990 Russia still had not given up her desire to rule the world. The GM prophecies tell us that after the world is in much chaos this great leader shall work with the pope to help bring new order to the world. (Remember Ronald Reagan and John Paul II? I see the way they worked together to restore a new order to Europe as a prefigure or foreshadowing of what will happen with the Great Monarch)

When I was in grade school I heard repeatedly about the Fatima Prophecies. I believed it meant that Russia was full of bad guys and they had to become good; so much for growing up in the Cold War Era. After the fall of Soviet Communism in 1989, there were many articles written about how Russia was undergoing a religious Renaissance. Even Putin is touted as working to meld the Orthodox Church and the Russian government into a closer relationship together. Talk about a dramatic change up pitch; in the old communist Russia, religion was seen as the enemy of the state. Putin even has his troops regularly blessed by a prelate of the Church. So is this the religious conversion to which Our Lady of Fatima was referring? Let’s explore further and the answer should become obvious.

My perception and interpretation of the Catholic prophecies as well as the sequence of world events included in the prophecies of the Great Monarch is as follows:

There is going to be another World War. It will be started by Russia! ( That settles the question about whether or not Russia has been converted.) It will be very sudden, though it has been planned for a very long time. The world will be taken by surprise! Russia will attack Europe and America. The reason for attacking America will be to keep us from aiding Europe. Russia will sweep Europe on three fronts. She will come up through Italy at the same time she will come down from the north and across Europe from Germany towards France.

Here is where it gets really exciting for the people of God! Only a few prophecies describe a strange detail at this point. They say only that “Russia is stopped”, two of the prophecies say it is because of the “Hand of God”. There is no agreement as to exactly where she is stopped and no explanation of what stops her. Russia is stopped somewhere by the Rhine or at least by the boundary of France.

There are some unique occurrences described in Catholic prophecy. These occurrences are not given a setting for exactly when they happen. There is the “Great Warning” when every man, woman and child shall be stopped and given an inner knowledge of the condition of their souls before God. There is the “Three Days of Darkness” when no earthly light shall shine neither sun, moon or stars.

I believe what happens to stop Russia is something different; something I have anticipated much of my life,“The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”. The Period of Peace which follows is not Mary’s Triumph but comes because of her Triumph. This has always been a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil and Our Blessed Lady has been given the power by God to lead the forces of good. It’s Her war to win or lose and we know She never loses. That’s why Catholic statues show her stepping on the Serpent’s head.

Our Lady has a special prophecy to fulfill with Russia – so when I read that Russia is stopped by the “Hand of God”- my heart leapt! Something happens that causes the leader of Russia to realize the game is over. He is barely able to return his troops to Russia.

After their return, he is a changed man; coming to grips with the fact that only God could have stopped him, he is bewildered. He had thought God was on his side.

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch told Putin, “Remember when it is time, do not forget the Church. Putin promised,”I won’t.” So he had every reason to think that God was on his side after all he was destroying the rule of Muslimism and would install the Christian Church in its place. The problem is, he has the right God but the wrong Church!

The Orthodox Church separated from the Church of Rome back around the year 1000. I believe when Our Lady of Fatima spoke about the conversion of Russia stating that until that time Russian would be the cause of so many troubles in the world; she was referring to the Orthodox Church reuniting with the Church of Rome. Our Lady stated that when Russia is converted there will be peace.

It’s not that the Orthodox Church is “bad”. It is that God does not condone divorce whether between a man and woman or in His own Church. It was an act of defiance against the authority of Rome that has had far-reaching and long-term effects on our world and must be corrected for there to be true peace. I believe that the leader of Russia will then convert all of Russia back to the Roman Church and work with the new pope ( The previous Pope having been killed during the great upheaval. ) to restore order to Europe after all, Russia will have left the world in utter chaos.

Is it possible at this time to consider the Russian leader ( Putin?) to be the GM because he will have become Catholic, overturned the Muslim rule and be working with the new pope to restore order? Some would say this is possible especially since he has a mysterious genealogy. His grandfather became a cook after the Bolshevik Revolution. Was this to hide his true identity, his relationship to royalty? But by my reading of the prophecies and my own spiritual insight I believe that the Great Monarch is from America and that the Emperor of Russia and he together have a great destiny to fulfill but that they are different persons.

The chaos and general distress plaguing the world leading up to and including the Third World War is the Chastisement, not to be confused with the Tribulation, which comes after Antichrist takes power. This is why Matthew 24:6 says “These things must happen but the end is not yet”.

Must happen? Yes, because of the sins of mankind. Abortions, slaughter of people in other lands, the rape and abuse of children, taking part in the production and distribution of drugs and the violence that accompanies them,etc. Yet these heinous crimes raise hardly an eyebrow from those of us who are not directly involved. Then there is the ever-increasing spirit of greed which permeates all of society from the wealthiest politician in Washington to the wheeler-dealers on Wall Street to the average person who steals from his family, friends or employer; always rationalizing their acts and divorcing them from their consciences.We remain content to think only about our next comfort “fix” – never a thought about how we were made by God for a future purpose or how this life is but a rehearsal for the next. We must be changed and only pain or suffering can produce this. These are the means by which the minds and hearts of the people are cleansed and renewed.

My evangelical brothers/sisters have a hard time grasping this understanding of sin. They believe that when sin is repented of and forgiven, it is gone! Indeed the guilt of sin is gone but the effects of sin remain. You can take a bath, get nice and clean but you still have to get down and scrub to remove the bathtub ring.

While in the middle of writing this article there have been civil riots going on in multiple cities across the United States. If every person who took a lifetime unjustly ,damaged property, engaged in violence etc., fell to their knees tonight and repented of their sins; tomorrow our nation would still be the same. These sins have had effects on our entire nation. We are not the same as we were before these riots took place. We have watched them on TV. We have heard the shocking racial strife expressed in words of hate. We have been affected. We are not as secure as we used to be. We are worried and anxious not to mention those who are in a state of grief and shock from the loss of a parent or loved one. We have scars from what happened in this nation. We have memories that take a long time to be erased and opinions that have formed that take a long time to be changed; the effects of sin.

As Matthew tells us in Scripture, “These things must happen”, the Chastisement must take place. It is God our Father taking us to the woodshed, to renew and restore us and the environment in which we live. Afterwards there will be a Period of Peace, many of the evildoers, those who hate and reject God and all authority will be gone, some of the good will also be gone but then again this life was never meant to stay in forever.

Some who are looking for the Great Monarch, point to a man named, Harry Lines, because he meets with the elites and works on programs for solving world hunger and apparently Jeane Dixon, American psychic, gave a prediction which included his complete birth date. It amazes me that people would believe any psychic would guess the exact birthday of any person but yet they find it hard to believe globalists wouldn’t approach Jean Dixon with monetary compensation to give out that birthday by prearrangement. (After all, we don’t even know the exact birthdate of Jesus Christ.) What about his programs to eliminate world hunger? Do they include decreasing the world population or enslaving us all in a One World Government? Globalists, who have a nefarious purpose, would love to point a neon arrow in Harry’s direction. As a famous psychic, a lot of people would be inclined to believe her as she made her living writing books and titillating National Enquirer readers for years.

Better to stick with centuries-old Catholic prophecies from men / women who have spent their lives in prayer, sacrifice and service to others.

I do not know if Donald Trump is the Great Monarch but we sure will find out and I shall be watching with excitement and anticipation for this is a time for great happenings. As I write this we are still a week from the Republican National Convention. Mr.Trump has not yet become the official nominee much less president of the United States. If you have been keeping up you must realize that it will take nothing short of Divine Intervention for that to occur. The Democrats, home to the American left, are against him. The Republicans who allied with the Democrats in the uni- party are against him. The leaders of China, Mexico, Germany, etc. are all against him. Mainstream media, owned by the globalist money from George Soros, is against him. Even the Pope is against him. indeed the very forces of Hell seemed to have been unleashed on this man,Donald Trump. Surely you must have seen at least one of his rallies where thousands attend who are peaceful and filled with hope for a better America. Outside there were hordes of so-called protesters yelling, spitting and committing acts of violence against the supporters of Trump. Scripture says, “You shall know them by their fruits”. Well then if you had any doubts this is a fight between the forces of Good and Evil make it a point to watch one of his rallies. See if you can discern who the “good” people are versus those who are being inspired by Satan himself.

Whoever the Great Monarch is, I do know that certain phenomena will accompany him to allow him to fulfill his special mission. He will be widely known, widely popular and larger and larger numbers of people will be drawn to him which will confound his enemies as to giving an explanation. He will have and exhibit a sense of destiny, of being called to a special task. He will speak courageously words that the evildoers will not want to hear. Words of truth that will be as weapons to dismantle the web of greed and lies which has entangled the world. The phenomena will grow as more people are drawn to him and accept or choose the path that he is directing us towards.

I also know that if it is not Donald Trump, it will be someone who exhibits these traits and fits similarly the scenario as we see it manifested during his campaign. This will help us accustom our collective Catholic eyes so we will be ready and can watch for the signs together!

[ I say that we would see the type of phenomena that we see occurring with Donald Trump because this is what Catholic mysticism teaches . If someone were to have this type of mission to perform they would have to have the special help of the Holy Spirit which would draw many people and followers. ( Did not Christ himself have crowds following him? ) He would speak truth that many would hate. Words based on the virtue of prudence. i.e. We cannot afford to take in all these illegal immigrants; We have a debt of 21 trillion dollars; We have a right to maintain our sovereignty as a nation by enforcing borders etc. Lack of prudence is a vice which leads to chaos in marriages as well as nations. Spending more on your credit card then you can afford to pay leads to debt which can cause the breakup of marriages. Who among us would leave the doors to their home open allowing for anyone to come and go as they pleased? Such things would be considered foolish. They would also be considered a lack of prudence.]

For if it is not Donald Trump it must be someone soon and he must be somewhere by now for the “time is ripe”. The great Catholic prophecies seem to describe the period in which we are now living. Also there was the sign of the “four blood moons” all within close proximity to a world event involving Muslims. On September 23rd 2017, the Great Sign in the sky spoken of in Revelations chapter 12 will actually be visible in the constellations of Heaven. The stars and planets will by their very alignment, draw the sign for the first time in history of which we are aware. ( check the article by Patrick Archbold on “Sign of the Woman”) As an interesting side note, the night that Donald Trump was to speak in Chicago, his rally was cancelled due to a very large crowd of vicious, violent rioters. It was the first time the “left” had showed so much force that he could not stay in Chicago but he had to leave immediately. He was prevented from staying and speaking. The Trump Tower in Chicago received a double lightning strike which was very similar to the one which hit St.Peter’s in Rome the night Pope Benedict said he was leaving.(Feb.12th.2013) Yes, this is indeed the “time for Miracles”, for God revealing His Omnipotence, for God revealing His ever-present Providence by showing that His plan is greater than all of the schemes of Satan. The victory is surely ours! Alleluia! Surely the Great Monarch will appear as did the Great Polish Pope and as did Mother Angelica’s “worrisome Pope”. We have every reason for joy and hope in spite of the state of our nation and the world.


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What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?

Why Is Turkey Important Everyday Of The Year And Not Just On Thanksgiving?

We need to study prophecy that comes to us from different areas of the world to get a complete picture of the future that is at our door. The Greek Orthodox Saints have left a treasure trove of prophecy with a unique difficulty. Getting accurate translations are not easy. When you consider that the Greek language has seven words for love; no wonder we say, “It’s all Greek to me!”

I would like to familiarize you with the Prophecies of Saint Paisios. He is the newest Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church (1924-1994), canonized in 2015.

Saint Paisios in his younger days as a soldier.

Some of his prophecies are quite controversial so before we get to them we need to do a study of this Saint’s life to determine just how much confidence we should put in them. Remember, the prophecy is only as good as the prophet is authentic. God usually gives a prophecy to a person who has a connection with that prophecy. This way we get more detail but there is also the danger of bias. If the seer is unusually close to God he may very well receive high quality prescient information as long as it would not threaten his humility and stunt his spiritual growth.   So let’s get a little background on his life.    

For a review of his life and background, please review the earlier article.

God always raises up Prophets to lead his people in times of darkness, lest they lose their way and think that their faith is without reason or worse that God does not exist! In these times of General Chastisement, even His own may be tempted to despair. St. Paisios provides that Light that shows what lies ahead beyond the darkness. Hs prophecies give hope. They calm the fears and anxieties of the unknown even as the lost ship cheers when the beam from the lighthouse illumines the darkness!

Elder Paisios, fervently believed that we were in the end of times. 200 years earlier St Cosmos gave some prophecies of the future. They were vague and he spoke of this as being far in the future. Many say St. Paisios clarified the older prophecies. But the reason is because what St. Cosmos saw was very far in the future. The closer we get to an object, the clearer it becomes and the more detail we pick up. No one, even the Son of God knows the time or the hour, we are still told to watch the signs and the seasons! St. Paisios believed the time was ripe, the stage was set and things were in motion! He once told some visitors, “Some of your children and grandchildren will witness some of the things that are in the Bible in the Book of Revelation. They are happening now slowly! The countdown has begun and nothing can stop it!”

We are told over and over by the “experts” to watch Iran, Syria, Russia and Turkey. Some even fret about North Korea and China. Somewhere in that plentiful mix a General War will come about!

I, myself, have said in previous articles that Russia will bring about the Third World War based on the words of our Blessed Mother!

But what is the catalytic event? Only St. Paisios sheds Light on this question! He foretells of an event, initiated by Turkey, against; guess who? Greece! (Their old nemesis.)

We need to study prophecy that comes to us from different areas of the world to get a complete picture of the future that is at our door. The Greek Orthodox Saints have left a treasure trove of prophecy with a unique difficulty.

In case your grade school geography is a bit fuzzy, Greece and Turkey lay across the Aegean Sea from each other. However the part of Turkey that lies across the Aegean Sea from Greece, used to be Greece! Almost all the land that is claimed by Turkey was inhabited by Greek Peoples; they spoke Greek, their religion was Orthodoxy and their culture was Hellenic. The Turks came in and took over all this land including, Constantinople, the seat of the ancient Greek Empire known as Byzantium. It was renamed Istanbul! St. Paisios often referred to these lands as “our enslaved peoples”. He was a saint who was not afraid to make a political statement!

In Constantinople, lay the gem of Byzantium, the Hagia Sophia! This church is the equal of St Peter’s to the Roman Church. Of course, it has been turned into a mosque.

With this background in mind, let us continue with the startling predictions of St. Paisios. He claimed that Turkey would invade Greece! Not Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Russia but Greece! ( Who said that history repeats itself? ) Not on land but by sea! They would send ships across the Aegean Sea and first attack some of the Grecian Islands. After all, Greece has tons of islands, and what’s a few islands between old friends? Turkey already took most of the Greek Empire, so why not come back for another piece of the pie?

But according to St. Paisios, this will be their fatal mistake! They will come first to the islands. St. Paisios gives us the specifics: “They will enter the waters of Greece, between 12 and 6 miles out, that is when it will happen!” Another time he said, “When they are 6 miles from our land then you will know the time has come!” They will also in time, invade the mainland.

Other prophets have said there will be a lot of devastation in Greece, but the Elder claimed there, “Would not be much damage to Greece only a few scratches!”

It’s possible, he did not wish to frighten his countrymen besides I believe he was speaking comparatively. Greece will get off easy compared to some of the other countries that will get involved. I believe his intense love to save his countrymen, as evidenced by his previous actions as a soldier, is what prompted God to give him a way to warn the people. A way to know when it was time to head for the mountains and the caves!

It’s hard to decide if Turkey is arrogant or just plain stupid! They have been harassing Russia like someone using a stick to poke a sleeping black bear. So far they have gotten away with it!  This time, however, Turkey made a big mistake. Oops! They forgot that Greece is an Orthodox country! This provides Russia with an excuse. Shortly after the invasion of Greece, Russia will swoop into Turkey!

This is not an attack! This is all out War! It is said by another Orthodox prophet that Russia will not spare even one missile! After three days of this Turkey is in utter destruction! Then Russia enters with troops! Turkey in the meantime stops its invasion of Greece caught literally with its pants down and rushes home! But it is too late! Turkey is literally destroyed!

Everything destroyed except the Hagia Sophia!

St. Paisios tells us one third of the population of Turkey is destroyed, one third converts to Christianity and the other third runs deep into Asia from where they came. Russia tasting victory does not stop! She’s on a roll now!

The Elder continues, a group of Allied Nations ( NATO forces? EU? ) decide they must stop Russia! They go after Russia with all their might. With all this going on Russia cannot hold Turkey. Then in a strange turn of events, Russia decides to give it back to Greece!

Elder Paisios predicts Greece will recover its lost lands as well as the Hagia Sophia! Holy Masses will again be offered in the high church of Orthodoxy. He goes on to say that the Kurds (ever hear of those guys?) and Armenians shall also receive parts of Turkey for their own and Turkey shall be wiped off the face of the Earth! Turkey shall be destroyed because it was “a country formed without the blessing of God.”

The war with Russia quickly deteriorates into a worldwide conflagration, the details of which constitute subject matter for a future article. Suffice it to say, St.Paisios tells us that the eight to ten countries that join in the fight against Russia will all suffer great losses as will Russia!.

The purpose of this article was to inform you of what prophecy tells us about the start of World War 3. Also to give you a chance to judge the authenticity of the prophecies by a study of the prophet.

My lifelong study of Prophecy has shown me a high percentage of accuracy when there is a strong connection between the prophet and the prophecy given. No one could be more connected to these devastating prophecies about Turkey then our dear saint. After all he was forced to be a refugee from his homeland at the age of one because of Turkey and during his life leaves us a prophecy about the very destruction of Turkey. Somehow, I see this as Divine Justice! He was a faithful soldier in the Greek army and years later as a bearded Monk tells us that when “Russia hands over Constantinople to the Greek Army, they shall be far away. They will need to hurry to get there!” (Still keeping track of the movement of the Greek troops like in his signalman days.)

The Elder’s predictions of the start of World War 3 could be summarized like this:

When the Turkey gets into the Greece, things get hot and start cooking fast! The Russians come to dinner and when they’re done there isn’t any Turkey left (overs)!

A bit corny? Perhaps! But is it corny enough to help you remember it? As we go through these next years of the near future together I am well aware of the busy-ness that will  envelop the lives of each of us. Maybe you will be driving the kids to a soccer game; under the dryer at the beauty salon or perhaps, in an airport waiting to board a plane when you happen to spot in the crawl under the CNN News; “something” about Turkish ships in Greek Waters. I hope an alarm will go off somewhere in the back of your mind. You might say, “Where have I heard that before? Seems there was something important I was supposed to remember about that, hmmm!”

Yes! I fervently hope that no matter when in the morning or afternoon it occurs; you WILL know what time it REALLY is! It is one minute to midnight! It’s rock and roll time! May you untangle yourself from mundane activities long enough to put your spiritual house in order!

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had a heart-to-heart with God, maybe this would be a good time to renew the relationship. Maybe an apology would be in order for the things you’ve done in your life that you always knew you really weren’t supposed to do but you kind of thought God wouldn’t notice and it really didn’t matter ‘cuz after all everybody was doing it! And what about that family member that you haven’t spoken to in 20 or is it 30 years? You can’t really remember how long and you certainly don’t remember what the argument was all about! Maybe it’s time to give them a call? You could tell them how much you’ve missed talking to them and how sorry you are that all these years have passed and maybe you could get together for a cup of coffee and play catch-up! Even if their response is negative, it certainly frees you from any responsibility for the animosity.

If you’re not the praying-kind, if the thought of religion makes you squeamish, you can still get connected to God. You can have that feeling of self-worth and dignity that comes from knowing you are more than your carnal desires. That you actually belong to God in a special way! It isn’t always necessary get on your knees to get “holy”. There’s more than one way to skin a cat! In the prayer that Jesus taught us to say we ask that God forgive us the way that we forgive others! So practice forgiving! That estranged family member. The driver in the car next to you who cut you off! That nasty clerk at the checkout counter. Forgive that you may also be forgiven! Then you will have peace, no matter what happens or when it happens!

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Matthew 5:9

In fact why wait for the Turks to invade Greece? Why not start today? Go ahead! Forgive someone already! According to St. Paisios, it’s later than many of us think and for some of us; we may already be out of time!