What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?

Why Is Turkey Important Everyday Of The Year And Not Just On Thanksgiving?

We need to study prophecy that comes to us from different areas of the world to get a complete picture of the future that is at our door. The Greek Orthodox Saints have left a treasure trove of prophecy with a unique difficulty. Getting accurate translations are not easy. When you consider that the Greek language has seven words for love; no wonder we say, “It’s all Greek to me!”

I would like to familiarize you with the Prophecies of Saint Paisios. He is the newest Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church (1924-1994), canonized in 2015.

Saint Paisios in his younger days as a soldier.

Some of his prophecies are quite controversial so before we get to them we need to do a study of this Saint’s life to determine just how much confidence we should put in them. Remember, the prophecy is only as good as the prophet is authentic. God usually gives a prophecy to a person who has a connection with that prophecy. This way we get more detail but there is also the danger of bias. If the seer is unusually close to God he may very well receive high quality prescient information as long as it would not threaten his humility and stunt his spiritual growth.   So let’s get a little background on his life.    

For a review of his life and background, please review the earlier article.

God always raises up Prophets to lead his people in times of darkness, lest they lose their way and think that their faith is without reason or worse that God does not exist! In these times of General Chastisement, even His own may be tempted to despair. St. Paisios provides that Light that shows what lies ahead beyond the darkness. Hs prophecies give hope. They calm the fears and anxieties of the unknown even as the lost ship cheers when the beam from the lighthouse illumines the darkness!

Elder Paisios, fervently believed that we were in the end of times. 200 years earlier St Cosmos gave some prophecies of the future. They were vague and he spoke of this as being far in the future. Many say St. Paisios clarified the older prophecies. But the reason is because what St. Cosmos saw was very far in the future. The closer we get to an object, the clearer it becomes and the more detail we pick up. No one, even the Son of God knows the time or the hour, we are still told to watch the signs and the seasons! St. Paisios believed the time was ripe, the stage was set and things were in motion! He once told some visitors, “Some of your children and grandchildren will witness some of the things that are in the Bible in the Book of Revelation. They are happening now slowly! The countdown has begun and nothing can stop it!”

We are told over and over by the “experts” to watch Iran, Syria, Russia and Turkey. Some even fret about North Korea and China. Somewhere in that plentiful mix a General War will come about!

I, myself, have said in previous articles that Russia will bring about the Third World War based on the words of our Blessed Mother!

But what is the catalytic event? Only St. Paisios sheds Light on this question! He foretells of an event, initiated by Turkey, against; guess who? Greece! (Their old nemesis.)

We need to study prophecy that comes to us from different areas of the world to get a complete picture of the future that is at our door. The Greek Orthodox Saints have left a treasure trove of prophecy with a unique difficulty.

In case your grade school geography is a bit fuzzy, Greece and Turkey lay across the Aegean Sea from each other. However the part of Turkey that lies across the Aegean Sea from Greece, used to be Greece! Almost all the land that is claimed by Turkey was inhabited by Greek Peoples; they spoke Greek, their religion was Orthodoxy and their culture was Hellenic. The Turks came in and took over all this land including, Constantinople, the seat of the ancient Greek Empire known as Byzantium. It was renamed Istanbul! St. Paisios often referred to these lands as “our enslaved peoples”. He was a saint who was not afraid to make a political statement!

In Constantinople, lay the gem of Byzantium, the Hagia Sophia! This church is the equal of St Peter’s to the Roman Church. Of course, it has been turned into a mosque.

With this background in mind, let us continue with the startling predictions of St. Paisios. He claimed that Turkey would invade Greece! Not Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Russia but Greece! ( Who said that history repeats itself? ) Not on land but by sea! They would send ships across the Aegean Sea and first attack some of the Grecian Islands. After all, Greece has tons of islands, and what’s a few islands between old friends? Turkey already took most of the Greek Empire, so why not come back for another piece of the pie?

But according to St. Paisios, this will be their fatal mistake! They will come first to the islands. St. Paisios gives us the specifics: “They will enter the waters of Greece, between 12 and 6 miles out, that is when it will happen!” Another time he said, “When they are 6 miles from our land then you will know the time has come!” They will also in time, invade the mainland.

Other prophets have said there will be a lot of devastation in Greece, but the Elder claimed there, “Would not be much damage to Greece only a few scratches!”

It’s possible, he did not wish to frighten his countrymen besides I believe he was speaking comparatively. Greece will get off easy compared to some of the other countries that will get involved. I believe his intense love to save his countrymen, as evidenced by his previous actions as a soldier, is what prompted God to give him a way to warn the people. A way to know when it was time to head for the mountains and the caves!

It’s hard to decide if Turkey is arrogant or just plain stupid! They have been harassing Russia like someone using a stick to poke a sleeping black bear. So far they have gotten away with it!  This time, however, Turkey made a big mistake. Oops! They forgot that Greece is an Orthodox country! This provides Russia with an excuse. Shortly after the invasion of Greece, Russia will swoop into Turkey!

This is not an attack! This is all out War! It is said by another Orthodox prophet that Russia will not spare even one missile! After three days of this Turkey is in utter destruction! Then Russia enters with troops! Turkey in the meantime stops its invasion of Greece caught literally with its pants down and rushes home! But it is too late! Turkey is literally destroyed!

Everything destroyed except the Hagia Sophia!

St. Paisios tells us one third of the population of Turkey is destroyed, one third converts to Christianity and the other third runs deep into Asia from where they came. Russia tasting victory does not stop! She’s on a roll now!

The Elder continues, a group of Allied Nations ( NATO forces? EU? ) decide they must stop Russia! They go after Russia with all their might. With all this going on Russia cannot hold Turkey. Then in a strange turn of events, Russia decides to give it back to Greece!

Elder Paisios predicts Greece will recover its lost lands as well as the Hagia Sophia! Holy Masses will again be offered in the high church of Orthodoxy. He goes on to say that the Kurds (ever hear of those guys?) and Armenians shall also receive parts of Turkey for their own and Turkey shall be wiped off the face of the Earth! Turkey shall be destroyed because it was “a country formed without the blessing of God.”

The war with Russia quickly deteriorates into a worldwide conflagration, the details of which constitute subject matter for a future article. Suffice it to say, St.Paisios tells us that the eight to ten countries that join in the fight against Russia will all suffer great losses as will Russia!.

The purpose of this article was to inform you of what prophecy tells us about the start of World War 3. Also to give you a chance to judge the authenticity of the prophecies by a study of the prophet.

My lifelong study of Prophecy has shown me a high percentage of accuracy when there is a strong connection between the prophet and the prophecy given. No one could be more connected to these devastating prophecies about Turkey then our dear saint. After all he was forced to be a refugee from his homeland at the age of one because of Turkey and during his life leaves us a prophecy about the very destruction of Turkey. Somehow, I see this as Divine Justice! He was a faithful soldier in the Greek army and years later as a bearded Monk tells us that when “Russia hands over Constantinople to the Greek Army, they shall be far away. They will need to hurry to get there!” (Still keeping track of the movement of the Greek troops like in his signalman days.)

The Elder’s predictions of the start of World War 3 could be summarized like this:

When the Turkey gets into the Greece, things get hot and start cooking fast! The Russians come to dinner and when they’re done there isn’t any Turkey left (overs)!

A bit corny? Perhaps! But is it corny enough to help you remember it? As we go through these next years of the near future together I am well aware of the busy-ness that will  envelop the lives of each of us. Maybe you will be driving the kids to a soccer game; under the dryer at the beauty salon or perhaps, in an airport waiting to board a plane when you happen to spot in the crawl under the CNN News; “something” about Turkish ships in Greek Waters. I hope an alarm will go off somewhere in the back of your mind. You might say, “Where have I heard that before? Seems there was something important I was supposed to remember about that, hmmm!”

Yes! I fervently hope that no matter when in the morning or afternoon it occurs; you WILL know what time it REALLY is! It is one minute to midnight! It’s rock and roll time! May you untangle yourself from mundane activities long enough to put your spiritual house in order!

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had a heart-to-heart with God, maybe this would be a good time to renew the relationship. Maybe an apology would be in order for the things you’ve done in your life that you always knew you really weren’t supposed to do but you kind of thought God wouldn’t notice and it really didn’t matter ‘cuz after all everybody was doing it! And what about that family member that you haven’t spoken to in 20 or is it 30 years? You can’t really remember how long and you certainly don’t remember what the argument was all about! Maybe it’s time to give them a call? You could tell them how much you’ve missed talking to them and how sorry you are that all these years have passed and maybe you could get together for a cup of coffee and play catch-up! Even if their response is negative, it certainly frees you from any responsibility for the animosity.

If you’re not the praying-kind, if the thought of religion makes you squeamish, you can still get connected to God. You can have that feeling of self-worth and dignity that comes from knowing you are more than your carnal desires. That you actually belong to God in a special way! It isn’t always necessary get on your knees to get “holy”. There’s more than one way to skin a cat! In the prayer that Jesus taught us to say we ask that God forgive us the way that we forgive others! So practice forgiving! That estranged family member. The driver in the car next to you who cut you off! That nasty clerk at the checkout counter. Forgive that you may also be forgiven! Then you will have peace, no matter what happens or when it happens!

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Matthew 5:9

In fact why wait for the Turks to invade Greece? Why not start today? Go ahead! Forgive someone already! According to St. Paisios, it’s later than many of us think and for some of us; we may already be out of time!


Ponder this; as the Deep state again engages our glorious leader, the Great Monarch, Donald Trump, in yet another battle and perhaps the greatest and most dangerous yet!

The great monarch astride his white steed, flying the banner of Christ, Patriots gathered around him, the red, white and blue flowing; looks of resolute determination illumine their faces. The Deep state rises from their dug in trench gleeful as they unwrap their newest weapon, the Javelin anti-tank missile. A 39 million-dollar gift to the Ukraine from guess who? That most contemptuous group of men and women known as the United States Congress.

The Ukrainian weapon, made in the USA, was modified, polished and designed by the Deep State to be used against the Good Ole USA! So proud were they of the result of their evil machinations, they even gave it a nickname,”The Wistleblower!”

As the weapon rose from their trench the enemy swooned with glee in anticipation of what they saw as the immediate destruction of our President. Yet it failed with the resultant disappointment of an expensive firework purchased for the grand finale of the 4th of July gathering; that rises into the air with great speed only to pop,fizzle and drop back to the Earth.

Yes, with their well-oiled propaganda machine, known as the mainstream media, spewing out lies. Bought and paid for Talking Heads reiterated over and over the need to impeach President Trump for his egregious actions; namely asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden.

[The political plan was to build sympathy for Joe Biden, by showing his election efforts we’re being undermined by The Mean Old Mr.Trump. So that those who might be on the fence would now take offense at a President trying to undercut his challenger and thus they hoped to win more votes for Joe and at the same time gain a solid reason for impeachment to further stain & de-flower our beloved President.]

Our fearless Warrior, leaned into the challenge, drew his sword from its scabbard and with one Mighty Stroke ( of his pen ) exercised his executive power; declassifying the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian president.

Woe  To Joe! For nowhere in the transcript did his name appear. Nor any words that might be said to refer to him such as; sleazy, scumbag, corrupt, sell out, pedophile, etc.

Thus the Great Bomb of Truth was unleashed on the enemy. So devastating were its effects they ran for cover, scurrying like roaches when the kitchen light has been turned on! No surrender in American history has been as sweet as when Nancy Pelosi suddenly announced there would be no House vote on impeachment inquiry yet! Translation: (for those uninitiated in the enemies’ tactics of deception) There ain’t no real impeachment action underway! Just a sham! Kabuki theater!

In fact the whole thing just blew up in Nancy Pelosi’s face like a trick cigar, leaving her with singed eyebrows and burnt Botox cheeks! The Civil War that has been going on under the radar of most Americans due to the manipulation of the media is picking up steam. We are moving towards the Pinnacle, the point at which it will no longer be undercover. Have you noticed President Trump’s tweets have increased in number? They contain more accusations. They expose more and more of the enemy’s actions. There are calls for canceling his Twitter account! His tweets are like aerial bombs creating more confusion and chaos behind enemy lines. The enemy feels it too. They know the battles, the skirmishes are coming to an end. The Final Clash is just over the horizon! Our President’s flurry of tweets, his refusal to cooperate with an illegal impeachment process on the same day that he calls up USMC Reserve units!

[Remember “Q”? He told us “Trust the plan”; the military plan. The Marines answer to no one but our president. He also remarked that it’s not over until “every traitor is either suffering or dead”! ]

President Trump has been beating the Deep State over the head with his tweets exposing Biden’s crimes and at the same time shouting out the truth about the Coup that is underway! They are connected! He’s preparing the public. He is also aware that the Patriots are listening closely. His tweets have increased in number because he’s well aware that he must take up the slack from the fact that Q has been censored.

Their only hope is to totally obliterate the voices of Truth! Patriots have so much at this moment to cheer about! As things move towards the climax we know that the enemies’ destruction is near at hand! For this we give thanks to God from whom all Justice flows!

As our Spirit-led President makes his unprecedented and courageous stand against the evil forces; he stands not alone for the Marines will defend him and the White House as both a duty and an honor and We The People stand with him ready for the blow of the final onslaught! Our leader will NEVER surrender for to do so would mean the end of the Republic and the Constitution and the light in “The Shining City on the Hill” would go out — forever!

Yes, we Patriots have much to look forward to celebrating soon. For those few misguided souls who think it is “unchristian” to relish the destruction of our enemies, I refer you to the Book of Revelation 6:10. Even the Saints, long suffering, look forward to God avenging them!

What is the Trump-Ukraine scandal about and how is Joe Biden involved?  theguardian.com
Joe Biden denied Holy Communion at Florence church

I, myself, have more good news to share with you! When awakening one morning last week, the Holy Spirit put a picture before my eyes for just a few seconds. I gasped. It was shocking! I turned and shook my husband’s shoulder, ” Hey, hey, wake up! Guess what I just saw?”

I described to him a portrait picture of Joe Biden! The kind taken after you’ve been arrested or  incarcerated! Running along the sides of the picture were lines of varying lengths to show proportion of body parts. At the top of the photo in capital letters; the words,

“THE PASSING” and underneath; the words, “AND ASSISTING OF BIDEN”.

Every Patriot would understand the implication of these words. Could this be the reason that Pelosi and Schiff suddenly seemed to back down? ( Though they continue with the Kabuki theater, playing to those Americans who are dumbed down and brainwashed)  Have they caught wind of the danger they are all in? Is this why they have begun to occasionally distance themselves from Biden and even to diss him in public? What I saw implies distinctly that Biden will be McCain-ed! I saw this the week prior to AG Barr changing his investigation of the Russia Collusion to a criminal investigation! Yes,Patriots we ARE in control! The military tribunals  are up and functioning! The Deep State truly is in panic! They’ll have to find someone else to take the lead for the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden will not be running for president when the voting starts!!

And they shall say Impeach! Impeach! But nay…

Watch for it, Patriots. We know the signs! What will it be this time? Sudden illness? Will he make a trip to some Mayo Clinic and be diagnosed with a brain tumor? Or will it be a sudden accident?

The only downside will be sitting through another one of those leftist sideshows they call a State Funeral! Every Democrat, RINO, Satan-worshiping celebrity and controlled Talking Head; in other words, every type of garden variety Commie will slither out from the rocks under which they live, and stick their face in a camera just to tell us what a great guy, “Good ol’ Joe” was!

My suggestions: keep plenty of barf bags on hand and try not to eat while watching television!    



Notre Dame – What Now? Tough Talk and An Eye on Prophecy

by Sandra T. Airey

As a Catholic, I understand how traumatic  the burning of Notre Dame was. More so for the French people, since nothing could be said to be more representative of their Nation. After the “ It was an accident” lie bit the dust, people started glancing around at their new neighbors. I never believed it was done by Muslim terrorists. Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that Muslims are responsible for many, many horrible acts.

Understanding the political atmosphere as well as keeping an eye on Prophecy as I always do, I knew the globalists were responsible; Macron and the other EU puppets. Yes, the name of those responsible begins with the letter “m”; Masons and Marxists. They have always used the Muslims, manipulated them to create the chaos necessary to transform the world into the image of their god, Lucifer.

There is a loose supportive association between these three rather than thinking of them as independent groups probably at odds with one another. Remember, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”! They all share the same agenda, the destruction of Christianity!

Hence there is across-the-board support for the Muslim Invasion as well as open borders. This creates the societal destabilization necessary for Marxism to overtake governments.

Cityscape of Paris, France

”The large city with the high iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by their own people, not by those, which came from the East.”
Prophecy of Alois Irhmaier (1894-1959)

Besides the external event we need to pay attention to the message being sent by the globalists to the Patriots of France. You could feel the tension building week by week as the yellow vests protests continued. When Macron failed to buy them off, by promising them everything except a free Obama phone, I waited for the other shoe to drop, wondering what his next move would be. Besides Macron is broke! Globalists can come up with more scams to get a hold of your money than a pickpocket working Times Square on New Year's Eve. When the EU's money making plan, the Paris Climate Accord, sunk after Trump told them to go take a hike; they came up with this new way to suck money out of nations,“ Help us restore Notre Dame!”

It took a hundred and eighty-five years to build Notre Dame, do you really believe Macron when he says it will be rebuilt in 5 years? If you have any extra money I suggest you put it in your Sunday collection basket. If anything is rebuilt it'll be a multicultural monstrosity. Just think about the Twin Towers, after 10 years they still hadn't decided exactly what to do and now what do we have but a bunch of flood lights and plaques that actually seem to praise the Muslims more than honor the American Fallen.

This was a perfect way for Macron to help the EU to whom he owes his allegiance and at the same time give the middle finger to the French people. If you think the burning of Notre Dame was all about money, please, don't be fooled! It was always about the message and that message was clear. “So you think you're going to get your country back now that you've woke up and seen what has been taken from you? No, you are a conquered Nation. You are no longer free. You have no more rights than a child does to control its own destiny.” To show that their power was secure and absolute, they took what the French people loved the most as you do to those you have conquered, to those you have made into slaves. This is how you show them who's boss!

The spectacle of Notre Dame on fire was shocking, frightening, numbing to the French, not knowing how far they would go or how much would be left. Symbolism can be way more powerful than the spoken word. Think of Iwo Jima, our men would rather have died than allowed our flag to touch the ground. The symbolism of America being overcome would have demoralized our fighting men.

Prophecy tells us that there will be civil wars, revolutions and turmoil across Europe at this time and yet the French people seemed placid even comatosed as their nation was being slowly taken from them. I was beginning to think that nothing was going to get a rise out of the French. Then President Trump visited, November 11th 2018, suddenly they were awake! Macron had been playing nice, but that day, he became Mr. McNasty. He insulted POTUS on a par unusual even for a globalist; making a statement that the French need to build an army to defend themselves against America! TV coverage must have been extensive , even the French school children heard what their president had said. Something inside them snapped! The French love to knock Americans but the children and grandchildren of those who were there when our men stormed Normandy know quite well what they owe to America! This was their red pill moment! Macron had said the wrong thing, to the wrong person, at the wrong time. President Trump is the Great Monarch. You don't threaten the Great Monarch.


Do you realize we are watching the unfolding of the Great Chastisement? (N.B. Evangelical friends, this is not the Tribulation. Stop looking around every corner for the Antichrist! ) This Age begins with the Great Monarch, even though he has not yet been recognized or installed as such, he is here! And the time begins changing like moving from Summer to Fall. This is the time to realize what is happening and why it is happening. When it is in full force, it will be too late to think about it and to prepare!

This is why I do not care if Notre Dame burns! I do not care if it is reduced to a pile of rubble! Nor shall I ever give a dime towards its restoration; it would be a pointless endeavor. Yet I am a traditional Catholic and a devotee of our Blessed Mother Mary, and I also know what time it is!

No matter how much or how little destruction there is to Notre Dame, it is still a building! Come on now, you know it's true. It's just a building! The Church is more than a pile of lifeless stones. “ But... but, the artwork…”, you say. Look,the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist has been removed and the holy relics have been spared. So what is your problem? If we only sustain half of the destruction the prophets warn us of, there'll be a whole lot of things for you to grieve over so you better get used to it! Besides Christian, did you think the words of Scripture were only for you to read and not to live by? Then try this on for size: “ Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” (Matt.24:35)

According to numerous prophecies, several cities are marked for total destruction during the Great Chastisement, one of those is Paris! Here's a sample:

Father Nectou, S.J. (d. 1772)

Paris shall be destroyed so completely that, twenty years afterwards, fathers walking over its ruins with their children, these will inquire what place that was. To whom they will answer: My child, this was formerly a great city, which God has destroyed on account of her crimes. Paris shall certainly be destroyed, but before this occurs, such signs and portents shall be observed, that all good people will be induced to flyaway from it…

Prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette  (1851)
My Son will make his power manifest! Paris, this city soiled by all kinds of crimes, will perish infallibly. Marseilles will be destroyed in a little time. When these things arrive, the disorder will be complete on the earth, the world will be given up to its impious passions. After all these will have arrived, many will recognize the hand of God on them, they will convert, and do penance for their sins.  A great king will go up on the throne, and will reign a few years. Religion will re-flourish and spread all over the world…

Oh! I see, these prophecies are meant for someone else like 100 or 200 years from now? So a church that has existed for 800 years, made it through two world wars; suddenly is engulfed in flames and it's just a coincidence? As a lifelong student of Prophecy, I can tell you that at the rate prophecies have been falling into place, a general timeline is developing. According to that, some of you will see these prophecies come true in YOUR lifetime!

Careful! That you do not follow the path of the five Foolish Virgins (Matt.25:1-13)

As to the restoration of Notre Dame, the Masons and Marxists did this! Let them live with their mess! Like the sign in the China Shop, “You break it, you bought it!” or as Jesus said, “Let the dead bury their own dead”. Why? Because we have more important things to do.

Like what? Well, if you own a home in Paris you might want to contact a good real estate agent soon. ( Father Nectou - “ All good people shall be induced to fly away from it…”) You should probably move to Brittany, the prophecies say that this will be the safest area in France, because it was most brutally treated during the French Revolution.

The French Revolution? That was a long time ago, who remembers that? Answer: God.

When the time for God's justice reaches its peak; every crooked line shall be made straight, every penny owed shall be paid and all debts shall be caught up. God's Justice is perfect, He leaves no loose ends and no loopholes.

This sounds terrible, maybe we should pray that it doesn't happen? Too late! Mankind has bought their ticket, the Great Conductor has punched it, we're all on board now and this train ain't stopping and nobody is getting off!      Actually we should pray for the coming of the Great Chastisement to be fulfilled and completed. Most importantly we need to get ourselves ready. Minimally, we should spend some time with God each day even 10 minutes. Pray, read Scripture or just think about Him; tell Him that you love Him and ask for forgiveness for your sins. Is that all? Of course not, you have your family and loved ones! Try to reach them and also those in your sphere of influence. It's not important if we survive the Great Chastisement or not what is important is that our souls are saved! That's the meaning behind the Parable of the Five Wise and the Five Foolish Virgins. The foolish were too busy thinking about everything except the things of God. They had no oil, they had no light.  Christ is the Light of the World. By the time midnight came ( the end of the day, the end of time?) They were rejected by the Bridegroom, they were not allowed into the wedding feast. So, may I ask, what's in your lamp?