Faith, Fear, Mask, Action – episode 2

Faith, Fear, Mask, Action
The Great Monarch, Trump, Cue, and Far Beyond episode 2
Marxist Insurgency, America Destiny, Communism, George Washington Vision, 1777

In episode 1, Sandra, The Prophecy Lady discusses the destiny of America in light of prophecies from Fatima, George Washington, and President Trump’s speech on July 3, 2020.

In episode 2, The Prophecy Lady dares to answer the question “What in the world is going on? (By interpreting current events in light of Christian prophecy)”  She also discusses the draconian approach used by some for wearing masks and her personal stories at department stores.  “Let every child of the Republic learn to live for God, His land, and the Union.”  Angel to George Washington.

The movie trailer For Greater Glory is advertised at the end and can be found here:

Be sure and stay after the trailer for Sandra’s rendition of “Let Liberty Shine.”  Her own creation and is freely available for anyone to pass along. (C) 2020

Episode 3 will start in the period known as the chastisement.  Be sure and subscribe to get a notification.

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