There has been an awful lot of talk on the internet about some catastrophic event taking place on September 24th or towards the end of September. Some say it will be weatherwise others predict geological changes. Some are hollering about a nuclear strike!

Is this just typical fear-mongering or could there be some truth to these warnings?

As a Q follower, I am primed for an eventual collapse of the economic system and it’s replacement by the new QFS system! So if anything is slated to occur during this time slot I would probably place my bet on it being a financial crisis or perhaps catastrophe would be the better word!

Other reasons for considering this time frame as being a probable setup for the switch over to the new system; is the fact that Q often spoke of the 10 days of darkness. Also taught us about the 10 days of mourning that follow after the Queen’s official death! Also spoke frequently about D5 and that the “future will prove the past”. ( Explain what he has already told us, that we may not have understood)

After the announcement of the Queen’s official death we came to learn that the first day after is called D1! What happened on D5? Anything significant on September 13th? Well, the stock market almost crashed! Some of Wall Street’s most vintage investors came down with a case of the “vapors”! Remember, London is the financial seat of the New World Order.

We cannot destroy the Luciferian New World Order unless we destroy the monetary system on which it rests. This means the central banks worldwide and our own Federal Reserve Bank, sometimes referred to as Woodrow Wilson’s Curse. We cannot stop the Wars started by the banking Elites in which they fund both sides until we accomplish this.

The war in the Ukraine is nothing but a money laundering scam for the members of the Criminal Cabal.

Every week or so we watch president Zelinsky on our TV.

Zelinsky puts on a very dramatic performance as he laments his country’s woes and how they need more and more and more money! ( You’re certainly aware of the fact that he’s an accomplished TV actor who once had his own show? ) Mind-blowing as Congress rushes to   send millions and billions to the Ukraine. The timing between these aid packages is getting shorter and shorter. Certainly Zelinsky gets a little part but the rest is sent back for the Deep Staters and don’t worry the Democratic Party   and it’s affiliates get a good part of that money. That’s why they never run out of money for all of their dastardly deeds! Plus don’t think that some of that money isn’t being rerouted to the banks. It’s really a bailout attempt, ( that wont’ work) but they call it War!

We cannot be free from these treacherous Wars until the monetary system that they depend on is destroyed. You see the picture of their system on our money; the Illuminati Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye!

The white hats chose the timing of the Queen’s death announcement as a marker. 10 days of darkness means news media blackout actually it’s hard to get any news except continual coverage of Queenie! It’s a good cover while something else is going on! So is this the time that the new system is going to be inaugurated! This is why IF, I REPEAT IF, something big is supposed to happen from now to the end of September I would suggest it would more than likely be Financial! For all the above reasons plus the banks are all on holiday in mourning for the Queen. This would present a great opportunity if you had to do a switch over to a new system!!!

Also I have been writing about and letting close friends know that when the Patriots restore things and begin to end the chaos we will get new money — gold backed currency!

It will be a difficult time to go through but it will be worth it! Maybe that’s why the Patriots named the new money Rainbow Currency; just like after the Great Flood, a rainbow appeared in the sky to let us know that all is well!

Also when the Intel community leaked some pictures of the new currency there were no words or text but there was a song playing in the background. It was from a famous American composer George Gershwin. The name of the tune was “Summertime”. The end of summer comes at the end of September so we shall see! Patriots have been telling you for over 2 years to get ready because these things may happen. If you listened you would already have some extra food stocked up as well as some cash on hand! The next thing you should do is pray, pray, and then pray some more and most of all remember that God is in control!

Also worth mentioning, is that Pope Francis called in all Vatican Bank assets by October 1st. What does he know that we don’t? This is unprecedented in Vatican history. As Scooby-Doo would say, “Ruh-oh, somethin’s up!” Well … maybe.

Hang tough, Patriots! WWG1WGA!

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