As Prophecy Moves Towards Real Time… Join Me On The Prophecy Express

I hope you have been paying attention as the gears on the Clock of Prophecy have ratcheted up a notch. We are closer to reality mirroring prophecy!

In November 2019 I wrote an article entitled, “What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?”

“What Event Ignites World War 3, According To Prophecy?”

11/7/2019 | The Prophecy Tree

In the capsule background of the history between Turkey and Greece, I explained the long standing dispute between these two countries and that prophecy insists this dispute shall be revisited and settled in our time. Also I insisted that this would have everything to do with religion and nothing to do with land, oil or the economy.

Furthermore, by virtue of my years of research and interpretation of Catholic prophecies both Roman and Orthodox, is shall be, that it is this dispute that shall pull Russia to start World War 3!  Again this shall be intricately involved with religion; the Orthodox kind!

I remember that one commenter found this idea totally ridiculous! He stated, ” Russia isn’t going to attack Turkey because of the Orthodox religion!”

It is a mistake to believe that prophecy is what we see in the present tense. Rather it is like the steam locomotive far down the tracks. At first you see nothing! Later you begin to see and smell smoke and finally the the locomotive pulls up in front of your eyes! 

So how have the hands on the Clock of Prophecy moved forward since the article written November 2019; as well as my first article, July 2016?

“Could The Time Be Ripe For The Great Monarch? Is He  Here  Among  Us Now?”
JULY 11,2016 | The Prophecy Lady
(In this article I detail Russia’s attempt to conquer the world and to make it all Orthodox. This is why Putin feels God is on their side.)

As Prophecy Moves Towards Real Time —-

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Interesting in the latest turn of events, is Putin’s desire to form a new constitution for Russia! This Constitution will celebrate the importance of the original Russian people, (versus  other ethnicities living in Russia) their culture, their language and their Orthodox religion! God will take front and center stage! Shocked?

Wait! There’s more! The new constitution will also outlaw same-sex marriage and abortion!!

So if Russia starting a World War to conquer the world and set up the Russian culture and Orthodox Church is such a far-fetched impossibility; then Putin is surely wasting an awful lot of time trying to get on the good side of God!

No, my friend! It is just that the locomotive hasn’t pulled into the station, yet! But hold on to your ticket! You may still get to ride on the Prophecy Express!

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“But hold on to your ticket! You may still get to ride on the Prophecy Express! “
14 March 2020 | The Prophecy Tree

The other startling development is occurring over in Greece!

Turkey broke the 2016 agreement to not allow any more migration, and last week hordes of Muslim migrants stormed the border of Greece!

Do not be deceived, this Invasion by land had every intention of destabilizing the Greek government and creating chaos. But as Gomer Pyle would say to Sergeant Carter, ” Surprise! Surprise!”

This fierce invasion was met with an equally fierce force of Greek Patriots repelling the migrants! Other European countries are sending Security Forces to help the courageous Greeks!

 We have to look backward to understand where we are on the “Timeline”. Think for a moment how seldom we hear anything about Greece in current times. The last notable time would be during Obama’s second term when there were civil protests as Greece was the first EU country to go bankrupt. But as far as War mongering tensions between Nations, the news is dominated by the names of China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

Yet the article, “What Event Ignites World War 3?” informs us that according to the Orthodox prophecies this event will occur in Greece!

From the article:   

With this background in mind, let us continue with the startling predictions of St. Paisios. He claimed that Turkey would invade Greece! Not Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Russia but Greece!

11/7/2019 | The Prophecy Lady

The actual event is not a land invasion but an invasion by ship! Yet this land invasion shows us Turkey has not forgotten it’s deepest desire to take all of Greece!

Again we must look backward to appreciate the Greek reaction. Just a few short years ago, prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, Europe’s response to the Muslim invasion of 2015 was to lie down passively, offer no resistance and even welcome them with gifts of teddy bears and flowers!

Enter the Great Monarch, Donald Trump! Whose mission, ordained by God, according to prophecy; is to save Western Christian Civilization and see the world changing, right before your eyes!

France seemed placid and comatosed as their country was being stolen from them. Then by the power of God which moves with the Great Monarch, France awoke! France is now in revolt!

Notre Dame – What Now? Tough Talk and An Eye on Prophecy
04/04/2019 | The Prophecy Tree

As the article ” Notre Dame – What Now? Tough Talk and An Eye On Prophecy”, suggests; France is on a path to total destruction. It shall never be the same! Written April, 2019, it is proven true for the protests and demonstrations have not only NEVER stopped but have become more and more violent! Lately the police and the fireman were fighting each other. Doctors and nurses have joined in the great revolt! Paris burns almost nightly!

We all have watched these prophecies concerning France and particularly Paris, come into real time, while sitting at home in our living rooms!

So busy with our normal lives we so often fail to see prophecy becoming reality! Stop! Pay attention! So that you might know what time it REALLY is! Remember to sign up for the prophecy alerts. For David Rall and myself, it is our mission and our joy to keep you informed as prophecy moves forward!

The Spirit of God has moved on the Greek people also, again using Donald Trump as His vehicle and catalyst for change! The changes that God is working through Donald Trump.

The Battle of Navarino in 1827 secured Greek independence.

The Greeks are fighting to save their country and that means their right to their Orthodox religion! The part of the Muslim Invasion that is mostly ignored by the politically correct crowd; is that it’s not about economics, not about multiculturalism, it’s about spreading their religion! Don’t ever forget it!

You cannot understand current events or prophecy for that matter if you deny the importance of religion as a root cause of the events.

The Greeks have astounded and inspired the rest of Europe! They’re fighting as if they know what time it REALLY is! They can feel it! Like you can feel the vibrations on the tracks that tell you the train is not far off. They are inspired by the Prophecies of the Orthodox Saints particularly St.Paisios!

They know what’s coming and they also know the victory that has been promised them. 

We have gone from Greece being at peace, not counting internal protests against government policies, to the invasion of Greece by another nation, namely Turkey. Can the invasion by water be that far behind???

Then what does that say about World War 3? Are you ready? Are you close to the Lord Jesus Christ? Maybe you could take a few minutes tonight before going to sleep to talk to the Lord and to ask forgiveness for those things you’re not proud of!

I wrote an article in October 2019, about Joe Biden and what I believed to be was a message from the Holy Spirit concerning his future!

OCTOBER 29, 2019 | The Prophecy Tree

This was not a verbal message, those are always accurate! Visions which contain symbols are much more difficult to interpret. God uses this way when he wants to give you a message but doesn’t exactly want you to know it’s specifics. In the case of Joe Biden, I received a picture with words and that was why I shared it!

Not only do I love prophecy but I love to discuss its significance. I love to discuss its composition, as well as its spiritual effects on both those of the prophet and the hearers.

Consider this, what significance is there if the message shown in the picture (vision) does not occur? It would clearly mean that the message did not come from God! That’s why if it had not contained words I would not have shared it because to analyze a picture can be most difficult and fraught with a high degree of error.

Since the writing of my October article there have been continual changes in the status of Joe Biden and his presidential campaign. First he was leading, then he was falling behind and appeared to be ditched by the Democrat Party, then he was resuscitated not to mention that he is now being criminally investigated by the Ukraine. His deteriorating mental condition, real or faked, make his campaign speeches more like a stand-up comedy routine. Yet, he is still with us!

This reminds me of the time in Hereford Texas, when I heard His “Voice” loud and clear, telling me to go to a rancher and say that “if he gave money to the Church he would make it rain on his dryland corn.” I did so after getting permission from my pastor. We were in the middle of a severe drought and the National Weather Service said there was no rain in sight and if it didn’t rain by Sunday all the corn crops would be ruined!

The first day I was elated! On the second day I began to doubt my own sanity. I was almost hysterical,” Why on earth would I do such a stupid thing? I must be under extreme stress. I’m probably hallucinating. It never rains in West Texas! Now I know why Jonah didn’t want to do it! “You’re not going to make a fool out of me God! No way I’m going into that town and tell them you said this and that and then if you don’t do anything I’m going to be standing there looking like a fool.” I wish I could have found a whale to hide in! It was a horrible day, simply horrible!

Somehow I finally fell asleep that night. The next morning when I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the light, it was still dark. I thought the light bulb had burned out. It hadn’t. I looked up at the window. It was dark because it was very cloudy and raining!!!

If I had not taken that chance, if I had not walked in faith, then the rancher would never have returned to the Catholic Church after having left it in anger 14 years earlier! My pastor wouldn’t have been smiling from ear-to-ear giving a sermon on how he’s always believed that God speaks to His people and to some people He speaks more clearly than others! The rancher’s mother who prayed the rosary every night for 14 years for her son would never have had her prayers answered!

No, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve had many years to think these things through, to ponder and marvel at the same time.

The situation with Joe Biden is like a rollercoaster ride! It certainly is longer than the three days I had to wait in Hereford, Texas. It reminds me of a boxing match. ” He’s down! He’s up! No, he’s down again for the count!” It’s a real nail-biter, and I love the excitement! And no! I do not fear being disappointed. I would only regret it!

For those who have not walked this way, let me clarify my feelings. It’s sort of like the poem by John Magee Jr.”High Flight.

     ” Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;…
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God!”

High Flight
By John Gillespie Magee, Jr.


Another way I might explain my feelings about this situation would be to tell you about Carmelite Spirituality, which is driven by an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God! From my first article, I can tell you that is what it’s about; that is what it’s always been about!

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with God! Hoping that you might catch a glimpse of Him. And if I have been wrong, I will still continue to seek Him; to look up as looking through the tall pines in the forest, watching the moon dart between the branches. I will still try to catch a glimpse of Him knowing that He also desires me to seek Him.

So watch with me won’t you?

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with God!

14 March 2020 | The Prophecy Tree