Good Pope, Bad Pope, Gone Pope

Here in the United States we are in a full-blown communist infiltration, it is very much a war for the salvation of our nation. The infiltration took decades. Only after it was complete did it manifest itself with all its ugly faces. Those who are paying attention are shocked! It seems as if our America is disintegrating rapidly! We can’t help but have a sense of fear about the future of our country.

But wait! Even a casual look at the world news will tell us that the very same thing is happening in almost every other country! Riots, protests, demonstrations seem to encircle the globe! If you turn up the volume, you quickly hear the slogans; “Freedom”, “No Vax”, “No Lockdowns”, “No Masks!”

You notice a sickening sameness, and realize this is a worldwide problem. So just who are we fighting? Who is threatening liberty and forcing total control over so many in the world? Many are frankly confused!

But not those who followed a military intel operation, known as Q, or one of it’s other surrogates or backchannels. We have been well informed about the 1% of the world’s population known as the elites. They have developed power and wealth over centuries. They worship Lucifer and for this reason they engage in pedophilia, ritual child abuse/sacrifice and human trafficking, just for starters. They consider the rest of us as sheep or cattle. ( Jews call us “goyim’ which means cattle.)

Over the centuries they have set up a system whereby they have infiltrated all governments and civil institutions. (Called the Deep State) At the same time they keep their true motives secret while proclaiming that all their plans are for the benefit of mankind. In truth, they seek total dominion over the rest of us. They even plan our destruction by decreasing our very numbers. Because they serve Lucifer and reject any and all Judeo-Christian traditions; they scoff at morality and punishment  after death. Their only concern is karma which they seek to avoid by informing us of their future evil plans. This somehow prevents the evil they do from backfiring.

The Georgia Guidestones, an American Stonehenge, erected in 1980 by a mysterious person; proclaim a series of startling assertions. They claim the goal of the elites (New World Order) is to get the world’s population down to 500,000,000! They appear to be working on this aspect with their Covid Psy-op.

The ‘mark’ of the World System

Yes, there is a virus but no! it is not even half as dangerous as portrayed. They repeatedly lied about the numbers of those who died from covid. They also blocked the use of efficacious treatments. After creating fear in the population they pushed a vaccine which by many true scientists/doctors contains deadly toxins. And they continue to lie about the number of those who have died from the vaccine as well as those severely injured by it.

Why, you might ask? Because as Q informed us, “The only thing they fear is us learning the truth!” After all there are more of us than them. This is why they use a massive system of deception to keep us from knowing about their depraved horrible acts. They own the media and control whatever “news” is put out. They engage in intense censorship to control what the “sheeple” hear.

A famous Q post is actually a paraphrase of words spoken by a prime organizer/promoter of the New World Order, George Herbert Walker Bush. In a 1992 interview with his wife present, he stated,” If the people really knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and hang us!” This is why they maintain a massive system of deception. It’s their primary means of survival.

Well, let me be the first to break the news to you demonic sycophants. Thanks to the worldwide movement known as the Great Awakening, that cat is out of the bag!

This, my dear friends, is the reason the world seems to be disintegrating before our very eyes. The Battle Royal has begun! We, the little people, are fighting for freedom from tyranny; indeed for our very survival and that of humanity!

Now how does the Pope fit into this scenario? The criminal cabal of elites makes their money through nefarious activities: drugs, sale of weapons ( usually to both sides at the same time!) and human trafficking. They sell victims for pedophiles, sex slaves, organ harvesting etc. They need a “clean” place to wash their dirty money.  Surely you’ve heard of Vatican Bank scandals before?

Well, it wasn’t because the Pope  wrote a bad check!

Don’t blame Francis. He walked into this mess. You do remember John Paul l? He was Pope for 33 days! Died under mysterious circumstances.

Mysterious, my foot! I’m sure it was a clear case of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

[ John Paul retires to his bed chambers. ]

JP:  Luigi, remind me first thing in the morning, I want to go to the Vatican Bank. I’d like to check the books.

LUIGI :  Yes, your Holiness, and here is your hot tea.

JP:  Tea? I didn’t order… well, maybe it would be a good idea to have something hot before bed. Mmmmm, very tasty!

LUIGI :   Yes, an old family recipe.

JP:   Old family?

LUIGI :    Several centuries ago, your Holiness, some on my mother’s side claim we were related to the Borgias!

And that’s how it went down.


To those people who are naive enough to wonder why the pope just doesn’t stop this: let me inform you of a few facts.

  1. The NWO Globalists are extremely powerful.
  2. The Globalists are Luciferians. They do not follow Judeo-Christian principles of kindness, fairness, justice. Bluntly put, they are not nice people.

What do you think the source of the tyranny is that presently threatens the freedom/life of every man, woman and child in the world? It was the globalist network that produced, paid for and released the Coronavirus on the world. It was the same network that ordered all media outlets, great and small, to follow a script filled with lies, misinformation, forged numbers of covid deaths; ordered the PCR test to be run at forty cycles ( so even a banana would test positive! ), forced the elderly into nursing homes where Covid was rampant,( to increase numbers of deaths), confiscated drugs that actually would work to prevent deaths (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Tamiflu) etc.

The deception and hype used created a perfect “psyop”, to produce exaggerated terror in a population; which is a beginning principal of hypnosis! Another way of putting it would be mind control!

If they’re not powerful, how did they get you and your neighbors, not to forget the whole frickin’ world, to wear silly masks on your face for the last year-and-a-half?

Who designed/planned the vaccine? I know some out there want to blame Trump! Just remember, he doesn’t own a pharmaceutical company, he isn’t making money from the shots and he’s not a biochemist. Look at who’s pushing these vaccines that contain very toxic materials, such as graphene oxide and SM 102. The media is controlled by the globalists. They are not telling you the truth about how many people have died and been injured. What’s in these vaccines is simply one step towards their dream of controlling the population by altering their brain waves. The graphene oxide alone is something that can be controlled by external frequencies. God gave us free will, trying to take that from us is demonic.

About a month ago John McAfee died. They say he committed suicide but John told us for over two years that “they” were trying to kill him. He even had a tattoo put on his arm, “Whacked’, so no one would doubt it. John was one of the good guys. He gathered an awful lot of evidence about human trafficking and the other crimes of the elites. He told them, ” If you kill me, I have 31 plus terabytes of evidence that will be released upon my death”.

24 hours later— a condo collapses in Surfside, Florida. Government officials began inspecting for poor construction.

Patriots who follow the military-back channels smelled a rat. John McAfee’s son reportedly had an office in this condo. Three weeks later, new video surfaced. It appears to show 4 sequential explosions in the basement, proving it was a controlled demolition. This is a false flag, which means it was carried out by the Deep State and it’s meant to trick you into thinking it’s something other than it really was. It was an operation carried out by the criminal cabal to destroy potential evidence.

“But…but all those innocent people who were killed!”. I told you these were not nice people! They make the Mafia look like a meeting of the Camp Fire girls.

Wait till we count the number of those who have died and will die from the vaccine. It could well exceed a billion people worldwide.

There is talk in the Biden administration of making the vaccines mandatory by September. We are not out of the woods yet by any means. The New World Order seems to insist on total absolute control over every human being. There will be no resistance! If you are not vaxxed it means you are not submitting to their rule and you must be eradicated. There are many Patriot back channels talking about FEMA camps being used to house and contain the unvaxxed. Conspiracy theories?

Canada already has such a facility and has been using it to quarantine people against their will. Looks like a giant prison camp to me. The people there are not allowed any communication with the outside world.

Brits described and released pictures on the net of a very, very large prison camp, built over 2 years ago, not yet in use. Strange, it has a large crematorium adjacent to it!

So back to the Pope. It’s easy for people to criticize and say the Pope should simply get the Church out of this involvement and clean up this mess. In 2016, I wrote an article in which I declared Pope Francis to be a globalist puppet, long before any influential Catholic would dare criticize our new Pope. I prefer to call a spade a spade, upfront. As time has moved forward, some now call him an antipope; others, a heretic or apostate.

I have absolutely no tolerance for globalists or communists; yet, if I were to meet Pope Francis in person, I would not hesitate to kneel down, kiss his ring and ask his blessing, as is traditional for Catholics and here’s why!

From what I have learned from the military Intel, Q and other surrogates: the Patriots are fighting back to regain control of our nation. This is occurring worldwide! These criminals are being arrested in covert military operations. Some are being indicted, tried and some even executed! The “bad guys”, to hide the fact that they are being taken down, often use a doppelganger, a masked actor or even a clone. The “good guys” also wish to keep things quiet to prevent panic, and more violence from the left. Q once posted that if all of the corrupt politicians were removed at once, 70% of the government would be gone! Don’t you think this would lead to panic in the general population and leave us wide open to enemy attack? It is good to maintain the illusion that everything is stable and it’s business as usual.

Pope Francis, I believe, stepped in for Pope Benedict because the globalists were threatening the Church. One year before Pope Benedict resigned, he released a statement that he had no intentions of resigning. Six months later, he put out another statement saying the same thing. Then on February 11th 2013, he shocked the world announcing his resignation!

I believe the globalists felt they could “work better” with Francis. He would be more compliant. Benedict was nobody’s puppet. He was known as the “Pope’s bulldog”. We have no idea what the Cabal threats included. Remember the condo in Surfside! I’m sure by now you have done some research into  911! You should check out some of the scientists who put out great videos explaining the impossibility of the accepted narrative for how the Towers were brought down; like where did all the concrete go? Where did all the airplane parts go? Propellers, wings, seats? All they ever found was one airplane engine which when examined was not even from one of the planes claimed to have hit the Towers! If that just rolls like water off a duck’s back; consider this; jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel and highly-regarded physicists claim the planes could never have penetrated those buildings! Holograms, anyone?

Magicians never divulge the secrets of their trade. It was very well said once that, “Everything is a rich man’s trick!”

So what did they plan to do to the Vatican if the Pope did not follow their orders??? Hang around for a while longer and you’ll find out what they plan to do to those of us who refuse to follow their orders to get the vaccine! By the way did you happen to notice that there were three countries in the world who refused to play the Covid game? Over the last few months, the president of each of those countries has mysteriously died. The last was the president of Haiti who was openly assassinated. Do you not understand by now that the Church hierarchy has been subverted?

How many Americans still have not caught on to the fact that our United States government has also been subverted? Military Intel has, for the last three years, stated repeatedly that our government was infiltrated not invaded! That is why no one follows the Constitution anymore! That is why regardless of how many votes Donald Trump got, the criminals in charge of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Congress; you name it, all remained silent and cooperated as our executive branch was taken over.

As far as Pope Francis is concerned I’m sure it was not a threat of personal death that got him to willingly be their puppet.

After all, in 2014 he announced he didn’t think he would live two or three years more- – – maybe that was when he began to realize how ruthless these “bad guys” were. Eventually they must have struck a compromise. Maybe they threatened to blow up St Peter’s in Rome?! Maybe they threatened to take out the entire College of Cardinals?! Maybe something much worse- – – something that would threaten the very continuance of the Catholic Church!

This is why, I’m the only person I know, who even though I find it hard to stomach the words that come from the mouth of Francis; I would still ask for his blessing any day of the week, because it is quite possible, my dear friends, that he is actually a silent martyr!

Please spare us comments about what you would do in his shoes. You’re not in his shoes. However, you will have a chance to look tyranny in the face when the Biden “green shirts” come a knockin’ on your door.  Feel free to share a video with us of how you took your stand against the threat!

Now before you reach for that second glass of wine or perhaps the bottle of Xanax, there is good news!

Segments of our military along with our citizen Patriots are actively engaged in taking back our country from the Communists backed traitors!

President Trump formed a worldwide Alliance. As soon as he got into office, he visited many countries around the world to enlist their cooperation in fighting the New World Order.

What I have learned from the back channels about the method they use in removing the “bad guys” is that they are indicted, arrested, given a chance to confess and then to cooperate with the “good guys”.

They may agree to witness against other higher-ups, tell all they know about the organization, and then may be given a chance to remain in place. Remember, these operations must remain covert until the right time for full disclosure. They also may receive life in prison or be executed! It also may be that a doppelganger or actor is put in their place. They may also be given a chance to resign and get out of government permanently!

One of the examples given was Paul Ryan, “Why did he choose to resign, he’s so young and had a long career ahead of him?” We were guided to the answer and told to keep track of the number of politicians, CEOs and Tech Giants who would be resigning suddenly. Ryan then ended up on the board of directors at Fox News. Still doing damage to the cause of Patriots. He will more than likely be “picked up” in the second dragnet when they go after those in the media who are guilty of sedition. Fox News is no friend to conservatives. They are the ones who actually called the election for Joe Biden after only 1% of Arizona votes were counted! We will not forget!

In early January 2021, Pope Francis was arrested! There was a blackout in Rome, Pakistan and parts of Germany. Italy was heavily involved in the 2020 election as was Pakistan. Votes from Utah were diverted to Pakistan before being counted.

During the blackout there were massive roadblocks preventing any exit from the Vatican. Patriots believe that at this time all the Vatican gold was removed! All assets were seized according to Trump’s executive order, signed December 21, 2017, blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse!

Q warned, in 2020, “The Pope will have a terrible May!” Unusual incidents began occurring shortly around that time.

Video Shows Pope Disappearing Into Thin Air On TV

A video came out showing the pope disappearing! MSM said it was an edit glitch. It certainly was! The editor forgot to cut the frame before they cut the CGI feed. Maybe it was a Patriot trying to get the word out! Then in May 2021, an amazing video showing a man in a mask posing as Pope Francis!

Mid-April, 2020, there was verification from a high-quality source (LN) concerning 2 points:

  1. The original Joe Biden is deceased.
  2. The Pope’s money is gone!

In June, Pope Francis began acting a whole lot more “Catholic” and a lot less like he was related to Che Guevara. (Does this mean he’s cooperating? I would suspect he is.)

Pope Francis greets then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the Vatican in this April 29, 2016./ Vatican Media
Meeting between Pope Francis and President Biden did not happen

To the surprise of many, Francis excommunicated  Bishops and the female priests that they ordained! Many thought he would have given them all a trophy! In February, US Bishops considered denying Biden Holy Communion. Many expected a fight from Pope Francis. Yet in June, after the G7 meeting, Biden was to stop in Rome for a Papal Mass. This visit was quietly scuttled. Some falsely stated that it never existed–because Francis refused to give communion to Biden! This way he would not politically interfere in the US Bishops ongoing debate or upstage them. Exactly what you would expect the Pope to do.

Then without prior notice, the Pope went in for colon surgery. There was a startling announcement carried in Breitbart News, claiming that the Pope will never be the same and that the illness is degenerative.

Pope Francis’ illness more serious than media lets on, Vatican blogger says

“ Last Wednesday, Luis Badilla, editor of the semi-official Vatican news aggregator Il Sismografo, published a grim essay underscoring the gravity of the pope’s health situation and asserting that when he eventually returns from hospital, he “will never be the same again.”

There is a very significant detail that many “underestimate, ignore, or manipulate,” namely, “the disease that has affected Pope Francis is severe and degenerative.”

Well, we shall see, what we shall see. If the Q model is followed, Pope Francis would have been told that he needs to get out of the Pope business- – retire. If the Pope has colon cancer then the situation will be resolving in due time. If he doesn’t, they are still setting the stage for him to leave.

If he resigns it will be quite interesting to see if they choose another Pope at that time. I do not believe him to be the “last Pope” ( according to Saint Malachy’s predictions) but rather next to the last. I view him as a stand-in for Pope Benedict! The last is yet to come!

They said John McCain had brain cancer but according to Q that was not true! It was to give him an out while leaving him with his hero status for those unawake. Q told us to check who was on the board of the Mayo Clinic. It was none other than Barbara Bush! How convenient to make sure the records were falsified to keep up the illusion that he was leaving this earth on his own terms; which Q proved to us he did not!

If they give the Pope a pass it will be because they know he truly has colon cancer and will not be around long otherwise he would be ordered to retire.

I’ll be watching intently. How about you?

Our military is actively engaged in arresting many of the bad actors. Patriots have been getting the word out that John Podesta, James Comey, and John Brennan have already been executed! We know that many of the Hollywood Elites have been arrested; such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Hanks. To say that nothing is happening is simply to be uninformed. The Q posts are extremely high level Intel. Q said that gold will destroy the Fed! A Patriot’s dream no less. In 2016,Trump said we will go back to a gold-backed dollar.

The doubting Thomases laugh and retort, “What gold?” The doomers say the stock market will crash! I know nothing about financial things but I don’t really think it’s going to crash. It might take a nosedive because we will be changing over to a totally New Financial System!

Part of the Restoration of America! Not a reset, a restoration.

You don’t think we’re going to use all that Vatican gold for making necklaces do you? Like Q has always said, “Trust the Plan”.

We have many exciting things to look forward to as President Trump has repeatedly told us, “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

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