The Great Chastisement ~ How It Connects To Current Events – Q Intel and Trump, pt 1

by Sandra Airey, just a little eagle on Free Republic

You hear it all over, even from family and friends, the stock market is going to crash! The ads are endless to buy gold or silver. I am in no way qualified to discuss the stock market since my husband will not even let me near the checkbook; and for good reason. But I do know about the Patriot movement as explained for three years by Q, other surrogates and our own dear President Trump.

Because I have so much faith in the Patriots I have never been that frantic about the thought of the financial system in total collapse. My husband explained that if that happens the stock market will fall like in 1929, money will be worthless, you won’t be able to buy anything and there may not even be anything in the stores. Sounds horrific!

I just never forget that Q told us, “You are witnessing the destruction of the Old Guard!” He said we will enter a “Brave New World and it will be glorious!”

As to the question about a coming financial collapse; I have a somewhat different take. You see, I believe it already has! (Not the stock market; that is hanging by a thread and being propped up by the Elites, for the time being.) That’s why Covid-19 was rolled out! I prefer to call it, Con-vid 19, the greatest con game in world history! It’s not a hoax. Elites are not interested in playing games. It’s an elaborate psyop to afford them cover while they put things in place to control the population before the sleeping giant wakes up and realizes what is really going on. You see, they don’t need us anymore. They have realized their dreams of transhumanism which include AI, humans who are more machine than human. Luciferians, Satanists, Freemasons have pursued this dream down through the centuries ever since God threw man out of the Garden of Eden; they have wanted to regain their superhuman qualities without God . Now that they feel they have achieved their goals, they shake their collective fist in the face of God saying, “We don’t need You anymore; we are gods and we will live forever and never have to go to Hell!” This is their plan to thwart God and escape Justice.

While Mankind worked, they took the fruits of our labor in taxes, and in cahoots with government they extracted trillions of dollars over the decades which went into slush funds,foreign aid,charitable foundations, etc. which were given to “scientists” to do research and development which we thought was for the betterment of mankind. Nobody really knew what they were doing in those labs. How many years have you donated to the American Cancer Society? Any cure yet? Do you really think they want to cure cancer?

Instead they used huge massive government grants for research and development to make us un-necessary!

So now they don’t need us anymore and we’ve become a liability! The financial system is in a slo-mo free fall. They know it! They need to keep us from finding out! Thus the Covid smokescreen.

They need to keep us from finding out that there isn’t any money! Any money that is, to make good on all their commitments! You know, all those huge pension plans. Not to mention Social Security for an ever expanding aging population. Do you see it yet? Do you understand the vaccine mandates ? All those city employees and Health System employees being forced to take the vax or lose their job? Aren’t those the ones with the biggest pension plans?

If the vax and the boosters are a part of a depopulation agenda why would they be wanting nurses, doctors etc. to take it? Because their jobs won’t really exist in the future. There won’t be that many of us left if they have their way. When the population realizes that Covid is simply a distraction to give them time to get rid of a great number of people while making the others sick. The lockdowns are not because they’re worried about your health. They have to control the population because they know the giant is opening his eyes, slowly waking up, looking around and figuring out the ruse. They fear not protests, not even riots. They fear the people’s rage. Many Elites have already fled to distant island retreats. So using a pseudo- virus as a cover, they set up an elaborate worldwide system of control. Police in every nation now work for them, they know what side their bread is buttered on! We, normal citizens, are the enemy! The police have a surprise coming! In time they will also be done away with! When enough people have received the vaccines / boosters they will initiate their secret method of behavior control which may have something to do with 5G; turning everyone into docile, obedient puppets. Why do you think they are in hot pursuit of getting every single human being vaccinated?

It is an absolutely necessary part of their plan!But, this is only applicable if their side wins and the worst happens!

I believe in the Patriots / Q and most of all, God! We are in the Great Chastisement. (This is the period before Antichrist and the Great Tribulation according to Catholic belief based on Scripture & private revelations.)

The worldwide event, known as the Great Chastisement is a period of God’s Great Mercy and Love. A bit strange how Q and Catholic theology agree on this point; that pain and suffering are necessary to create change. Q remarked,”Some people cannot be told, they must be shown” and “Many must be at the precipice before they have the will to change”!

Being exposed to such massive displays of evil as we have been witnessing these past two years, especially; even the most lethargic, apathetic and passive couch potato has been forced to react! Before we can change our lives spiritually, we must convert/repent. Conversion is a turning towards something! At the same time we turn away from our sins and evil; we turn towards God! God allows evil to exist and flourish so that He might show us the fruits of our sins. He allows us to see what a world without God looks like so we may seek Him with renewed fervor. The suffering that good people endure because of evil is not punishment but rather needed to purify us! You cannot walk through a mud puddle without getting dirty! Our senses, thoughts and memories are contaminated by the evil that surrounds us! God desires we be able to come to Him with purified hearts.

If you see a very small worm, you keep on your way but if you see a large snake, you stop; turn and run the other way! This is the reason for the Chastisement and why it is a Time of Mercy!

One of the jailed January 6th protesters, enduring torture by way of nightly beatings,wrote a letter to us Patriots; in it he said, “God has found me here!” There was not a single word of complaint! I love the way he stated it, as if God were the One who was lost, instead of him!

Thus is the mystery of suffering; that which is abhorrent to our very natures should sometimes be the very thing that saves our souls, unites us to God and brings us peace!

So as we make our way through this special time in the world’s history�.

I expect there will be bumps along the way. Surely the stock market will take some nosedives. We are dismantling the elite’s world. Destroying “their” supply lines; for human trafficking, child sex abuse victims, adrenochrome supply, organ harvesting etc. They are hitting back, no doubt! I believe we are winning and they know they have just a little time left!

This is why they have become so much more aggressive with pushing their vaccines. It seems that just three weeks ago Biden told us but the greatest national security threat was white supremacists. Now according to Biden, the nation’s security is threatened by a “pandemic of the unvaccinated!”

The rhetoric has ramped up with threats of door-to-door visits (database of the unvaxxed?) and of rounding up the unvaxxed and putting them into detention camps. Many on the left are even calling for extermination of those who refused the Jab!

There is a new campaign of fear porn being pushed. The Delta variant! OMG, the Delta variant! We must remask and close everything down. We knew it wasn’t long until they attempted the second lockdown because everything is globally orchestrated and the UK is already into permanent lockdown with Australia going into theirs just 4 days ago. This is to produce more fear so that you will run out and get the vaccine! If you’re not afraid of the virus, they want you to be afraid of what they’ll do to you! Those of us who have taken the time to do our own research understand the vaccine is dangerous and experimental gene therapy, according to many scientists, not bought and paid for by the globalists.

They are in panic mode! Haven’t you noticed how they’re pushing? Biden said we have to get this done,”By September!” The pressure to get the vax is escalating everyday. They know their time is short as is the time for us to warn others about the danger of the vaccine.

I’m sure you’ve met with plenty of rejection as you tried to inform your family and friends. We find in Luke 4:24 that Jesus met with the same problem when he tried to spread the message of Salvation to those who knew Him the best; “Truly I tell you, no Prophet is accepted in his own town!”

Yet, there are many others you come into contact with that you could influence. Simple statements dropped in a friendly conversation are powerful; not a “Let-me-tell-you-something-because-you’re-stupid” lecture. Let’s say you learn the girl at the convenience store is pregnant. While fawning over the mother-to-be you could say,”Oh by the way, I’m so glad you didn’t get the vaccine otherwise you probably wouldn’t be pregnant and did you know that 82% of pregnant women who get the vaccine miscarry?”

Many do not understand; we are at war! This is a Global War. Airplanes, bombs, guns do not define war. Depopulation is a final outcome of any War. You try to take out the enemy before he takes you out. The weapon used is of little importance whether it be bullets and bombs, famine or a biological weapon!

From what scientists, doctors and now a Pfizer ex-employee whistleblower tell us, there could only be one reason for putting graphene oxide in the injections; a massive attempt at depopulation!

Yes! We will need every healthy baby we can get! Black, white and all the shades in between. We cannot sit by and allow these demonic psychopaths (CCP, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci etc.) to achieve their goals. Multiple reports state that many of the people who have received the vaccine will be dead within two to three years with a maximum of 10! I usually keep a video testimony from one of the vaccine victims on my phone so when I run into someone that I know casually, it’s ready to go! “Hi Sherry! Oh, look at what I just saw! Isn’t this frightening? And to think this happened because of the vaccine. You know Sherry, I don’t think they’re telling us everything about those shots!” One picture leaves a lasting impression and she would never have otherwise been exposed to the hidden truth. We have a moral obligation to do anything we can to bring the truth about the situation to another human being.

“What’s that you say? It’s their body, their choice?”

Is that an informed choice? Since the entire mainstream media and social media is being censored to prevent any of this information getting through to the people. If you have no concern for the welfare of others then perhaps you will consider this. A few years down the line when Mr. Arthritis has become a permanent guest at your house, you may decide to look for a teenager to cut your lawn; there won’t be any!

If the globalists achieve their goals, they will be robbing us of our greatest treasure. America’s greatest asset is not the gold at Fort Knox nor is it the net worth of our military and munitions stockpile. America’s greatest asset is her people!

You can’t throw a party without inviting a bunch of people. You can’t have a nation without people. To destroy a nation is to destroy its people! You can have the greatest system of roads and highways, the most advanced communications network but none of that matters without the human infrastructure.

It could get pretty lonely, pretty quick. It might even get bad enough to make you miss your worst enemy! So whether you are pro-life in all its stages or whether you’re only interested in yourself; the message is, “Get involved!” Or “What are you going to do in the war?”

Q repeatedly told us about “The Plan”. We are not the whole plan but we were always meant to be a part of it!

You should have understood that three months ago when Trump told us to boycott the NFL, MLB, and Coca-Cola! (We caused the biggest tumble in Coca-Cola stock history in less than a month.) When he spoke in Phoenix two weeks ago, President Trump told America, “We have no choice, we must fight!

Collectively, we have great power. We can make the plans of the globalists fail. Collectively, we can help save Humanity! We can change the course of history by reaching out to one person at a time.

One of my favorite Q teachings is how he reminds us there are more of us than of them. That is why they always try to divide us and have us fight against each other; black vs. white, Democrat vs. Conservative, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed etc., rather than join forces against our common enemy; because united we have more power than they do. We can beat them but Q told us our problem is, “We have forgotten how to play the game!” United we win; divide us and they win!

Time is short for both sides at least, we must assume it is because of the building up of intense pressure to get the job done of vaccinating the entire world!

With the end of July, the moratorium on evictions ends! In September, unemployment benefits stop. If this isn’t bad enough the Democrats, Rinos and all other communist agents and puppets realize how bad this is for their side not to forget that they are losing control of the narrative rapidly. Q told us things would not appear to be happening until the narrative changed.

We are winning but it is an uphill battle. After all, we forced them to move their clocks forward from July, when the vaccination program was to be completed, to September. The Digital Soldiers are getting the truth out in spite of the intense censorship which is even now moved to social media. People are waking up to the fact that the vaccination is not safe! They are having to use bribes to try to get more people to come for the “Jab”.

They have to tell one lie on top of another to cover the one from yesterday and so on! Their lying has become so obvious that they are increasing the Great Awakening!

They wanted their vaccination program done on July 4th so that we could celebrate our day of freedom from Covid-19. They knew that if they dragged it out, people would begin to find out about the large numbers of deaths and vaccine injuries. There is “something” more about this injection that they are not telling us and that we do not know yet! Besides making people very ill so that they could not rebel, I’m beginning to suspect that they have some mechanism or manner in which they hope to control the behavior of people. They wish this to be in place before the people realize that the Great Reset is here and this is the new way we’ll have to live. There are still too many of us alive and well. They fear mass rebellion. They would not be able to control that many people unless and until they are all “treated with the special injection”. In the New World Order nobody will have private property and as Klaus Schwab has told us, “You will own nothing and be happy!” Why is he so sure we will be happy? Are they going to push a button, send out some frequencies and activate particles they have injected in us? We don’t know all of the details yet. We do know it’s insane the heights they’re going to; trying to get the “jab” into every person.

They’re also panicking about running out of time because they can feel Trump and the Patriots breathing down their necks! They know that Trump is coming back! And the gig will be up!

Because we are at war the news can be very negative but don’t think for a moment that there isn’t a lot of ….


The Globalists are working furiously to bring in their Great Reset which would make all of us slaves forever! But President Trump and his small handful of trusted Patriots are also hard at work, with the Military, to bring in the Restored America!

We will be put back on the gold standard! This will make inflation disappear! The new currency should begin to appear by the end of August. The ten dollar bills will be first. The twenty dollar bills will sport John Kennedy’s portrait. The new money will be nicknamed “rainbow currency”.

Don’t think for a moment this was done to placate the LGBQ-xyz community. We conservatives owned the rainbow way before them. We even have the receipt; Genesis 9:16! Scripture also provides us proof that Noah was a conservative since his neighbors all laughed at him and thought he was crazy! ( Sound familiar?) The rainbow came after the great storm and flood. So too, it will be when the “storm” that President Trump spoke of to reporters in October 2017, is over!

Reporter:“Storm? What storm
Trump:“You’ll find out! You
might say this is the
calm before the storm.”

The New American Republic is the end game of the Q plan! Q told us it would be glorious but only after all the traitors had received Justice and were either “Dead or suffering!” As usual, the Military Intel team pulls no punches.

Gold backed currency and lack of inflation, is just the start. Eventually, the income tax will be phased out; replaced with a national sales tax. Buh-bye IRS! ( Never was anything in the Constitution about paying an income tax. Somebody made it all up. Betcha it was a Democrat.) Some say that we should be hearing good news from credit card companies before November; announcing a decrease in the interest rate on your credit cards! Could go to 3% or lower! This is all part of the Economic Recovery Act to be put in full effect at the start of the new American Republic.

President Trump will make the “Big Announcement” upon his return! There are many more delicious details such as Starlink satellites which have been put in place and are being cared for by Space Force. They are going to make the Internet available to everyone. No one is going to own the internet or censor it in the future. There will be an internet Bill of Rights. Electricity is going to become very inexpensive! They’re going to use the Tesla method. In some places now the 5G towers are being converted to Tesla Towers. Nikolai Tesla always believed that electricity should be free for all people since it came from God and no one invented it!

As Q always said, “It’s going to be Biblical!’ They’re going to bring down the destructive anti human systems! Humanity will have a chance to prosper and reach heights of growth not possible before! Many cures will be released that have been hidden from Humanity by the Elites; who wanted only to destroy us or use us as a “crop” from which to continually harvest money. According to Q there is even a cure for cancer! Of course,the audits will be done so as to correct the record and document the fraud but regardless, there will be a “New Election”, overseen by the military!

And as far as those who have committed treason against our Nation, they are being dealt with; many have already been arrested and executed!

The original Joe Biden is gone; so are George Herbert Walker Bush, James Comey, Donald Rumsfeld, John Brennan, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and many others. Many are under house arrest such as John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and some are at Gitmo awaiting trial, such as Susan Rice. Hollywood is being cleaned out! The latest movie star to be executed was Tom Hanks!

News Flash! Don’t you think it strange that Governor Cuomo of New York is being asked to resign or he will be impeached by the Democrats?!! They never worry about sexual harassment unless they can blame a Republican. So what’s really going on?

One month earlier, 32 Governors were “invited” to a meeting at the Pentagon, only 26 left together! The others were detained. We have to guess who. Here’s a quick quiz. When’s the last time you saw your governor in real time?

Q would always tell us to watch for “retirements” or “resignations”. We don’t have a list but we can bet on the five governors who are guilty of “murdering” elderly patients by putting them in nursing homes with Covid. Q told us about those five and asked us a question: “Don’t you think that’s premeditated murder?” We knew that meant they were on the “To be punished” list. So that’s why Biden canceled the DOJ investigation into Cuomo. It’s irrelevant! The Military Tribunal is waiting for Cuomo! You do understand that the governor of a state has to follow the Constitution and must protect the Americans under his care. Otherwise it’s called “Treason”. The Dems have to have a cover story! So now they bring back something they already let him off the hook about 5 months back! This way they can make it look like they got rid of him. Guess they couldn’t find an actor who would play his part when he is gone or maybe they can’t make a mask that ugly!

This type of information is being leaked to Patriot sources but it is done in such a way to allow the military “plausible deniability”! It has to be that way until Full Disclosure when the Patriots have fully succeeded in taking back our country! Many of the people that you see are really doppelgangers, actors with masks, AI or clones! President Trump even affirmed this by statements made at his Sarasota rally July 3rd; asking if anyone knew who Biden was? Commenting on the huge mask that Pelosi was wearing, stating it covered her “whole face”!

But those who are not followers of Q, not paying very close attention or just needing to hear it announced on ABC, NBC or on the front page of the New York Times, will have to wait to share the excitement.

Why, when the media knows full well that the original Biden is no longer around would they continue to act like he is? Not to mention the others of their ranks that have been removed?

They are following the orders of their masters, the globalists, who pay their salaries and of whom they are very afraid. To break ranks would mean death! The globalists would never allow us to know how the Patriots are “taking out the trash”. They prefer we be demoralized and think that nothing is happening. They wish to continue the illusion that their side is winning!

For the Patriots, this is fine for the time being. Remember, we are at War! There are a hundred thousand Chinese foreign exchange students within our borders. One-third of those are agents of the CCP. Do you realize that they have a small army within our borders? As long as China thinks Biden is in charge and destroying America, the enemy is placated.

During the Obama years, the government stored tons of ammunition in Social Security Administration buildings. Also a warehouse in LA. Patriots wondered who all this ammo was for? We think we know now! (Kind of like the neatly bundled bricks that suddenly appeared on street corners just before a riot.)

Making our move has to be done with calculated precision as Q has said, “We only get one chance!” They are looking to minimize the fallout! We don’t want our country looking like the intro to the movie “Red Dawn 2”.

In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight! Do what you can to keep your families and your communities safe. Do what you can to resist this torrent of tyranny as it tries to sweep away our way of life. Most of all, remember, when the “Storm” is over, together we shall find the rainbow!

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